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Engineer / Physicist position at the ILL

The Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL), situated in Grenoble, France, is Europe's 
leading research facility for fundamental research using neutrons. The ILL 
operates the brightest neutron source in the world, reliably delivering 
intense neutron beams to 40 unique scientific instruments. The Institute 
welcomes 1500 visiting scientists per year to carry out world class 
research in solid state physics, crystallography, soft matter, biology, 
chemistry and fundamental physics. Funded primarily by its three founder 
members: France, Germany and the United Kingdom, the ILL has also signed 
scientific collaboration agreements with 6 other European countries.
The Projects and Techniques Division currently has a vacancy in its Neutron 
Detector Service for an Engineer / Physicist (M/F).

* As project leader for the development of neutron detectors for scientific 
instruments you will be responsible for the preparation of technical 
specifications and for programme planning and budgeting. You will organise 
the assembly of detectors and the tests to be performed to assess their 
performance. The results of these tests must be set out in experimental 
reports.Your first project which forms a part of the ILL's Millennium 
Programme in which the Neutron Detector Service has an important role to 
play concerns the Multitube detector (30 m2 of detector surface) designed 
for the IN5 time-of-flight spectrometer upgrade. You will also be 
responsible for the production and installation of the detector's 
electronics, and for determining its operating parameters and calibration.

  * As a member of the Neutron Detector Service you will assist with 
maintenance operations on the detectors installed on the instruments.

  * As instrument requirements and the Service itself evolves, you will 
also be led to work on the development of new detection techniques and to 
present your results at conferences. This includes in particular your 
participation in the European MILAND project, a partnership of laboratories 
aiming to develop a high-performance detector designed for neutron 
diffraction instruments.

Training and experience:
-          Doctorate or University degree in physics or electronics
-          Experience required: nuclear instrumentation, analogue 
electronics, data acquisition systems, computer simulations, detector 
physics (solid-state or gas)
-          Experience desirable: mechanics, UHV, pressurised gas 
containment, project management
-          Language skills: French and English necessary, German desirable

This is an indefinite-term contract.
Further information can be obtained at: 
<http://www.ill.fr/>http://www.ill.fr or by contacting Dr. B. Guérard, 
email: <mailto:guerard at ill.fr>guerard at ill.fr

Applications for this post should be sent, quoting reference 04/31, no 
later than 31.12.2004, to
The Head of Personnel - INSTITUT LAUE-LANGEVIN
B.P. 156 - 38042 GRENOBLE CEDEX 9 - France
or by e-mail to: jobs at ill.fr

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