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NRC Chalk River - Call for Proposals


Canada's Neutron Beam Laboratory is operated on a continuous proposal basis.
Proposals for experiments may be submitted at any time. Experiments are
given beam time on the basis of scientific merit.


The laboratory is operated as a user facility by the National Research
Council Canada. Proposal forms and information on the review process can be
found at:  http://neutron.nrc.gc.ca/beamtime.html


The laboratory currently operates five thermal neutron spectrometers, with
source flux up to 6.0E14 n/cm2/s and source height up to 300 mm. 


C2, High Resolution Powder Diffractometer 

C5, Polarized Beam Triple-Axis Spectrometer/Reflectometer 

E3, Materials Science Diffractometer 

L3, Strain-Scanning Diffractometer 

N5, Triple-Axis Spectrometer  
T3, Low angle scattering instrument with 2D image plate detector


Specifications for each instrument are available at:
http://neutron.nrc.gc.ca/specs.html <http://neutron.nrc.gc.ca/specs.html>  


Key features of the laboratory include:


The M5 magnetic cryostat with a 9 T vertical field and a minimum temperature
of 0.3 K.


A stress-scanner: typical minimum spatial resolution 1mm3, locating accuracy
better than 0.1 mm, strain precision 0.5E-4, 32-element multiwire 3He
detector for high throughput, and a selection of computer-controlled X, Y, Z
and orientational positioning systems, handling loads up to 500 kg. 


A powder diffractometer: 800-channel detector spanning 80 degrees of
scattering angle simultaneously for high throughput with continuously
variable wavelength and adjustable collimation before monochromator 0.2, 0.4
or 0.6 degrees. 


A tensile testing machine, screw-driven, 50 kN max load, read-out in strain
or stress, with heater attachment for up to 300°C. 


A radiant heater based furnace with controllable temperatures from ambient
up to 2000 C 


 A polarized-neutron triple-axis spectrometer with a flipping ratio from
22:1 to 32:1, and a focusing Heusler-alloy monochromator and analyzer under

Reflectometry capability better than 6 orders of magnitude dynamic range,
constant footprint control, and Q range between 0.005 Å-1 and 0.2 Å-1. 


The N5 triple-axis neutron spectrometer with automatic selection of
main-beam filters (sapphire, cold beryllium) 


The M2 cryomagnet with 2 T horizontal field, access 345°, minimum
temperature 1.8 K 


Alastair McIvor

Strategic Planning and Marketing
National Research Council
Neutron Program for Materials Research
http://neutron.nrc.gc.ca/ <http://neutron.nrc.gc.ca/> 

tel (613) 584 3311 x6274
fax (613) 584 4040 

Building 459
Chalk River Laboratories
Chalk River
K0J 1J0

Cette information est disponible en français sur demande. Contacter :
<mailto:alastair.mcivor at cnrc.gc.ca> alastair.mcivor at cnrc.gc.ca ou appeler au
numéro sans frais : 1 (888) 243-2634. pour toute information générale en
anglais et en français sur le programme neutronique pour la recherche sur
les matériaux du CNRC, veuillez consulter le site web

 National Research Council Canada |  <http://neutron.nrc.gc.ca/px/mail1.gif>
| Government of Canada <http://neutron.nrc.gc.ca/px/mail2.gif> 


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