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Registration open: 

The 7th PSI Summer School will take place between August 16-22, 2008 at
the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz / Engadin, Switzerland. 

This year the school's topic will be "Probing the Nanometer Scale with
Neutrons, Photons and Muons"

Detailed information is available on the web:
<http://num.web.psi.ch/zuoz2008/> http://num.web.psi.ch/zuoz2008/

Scope of PSI Summer Schools:

As a continuation of our traditional summer school on neutron scattering
we initiated six years ago an extended type of school which is called
PSI Summer School on Condensed Matter Research. While the experimental
methods provided by PSI to the scientific community, that is neutrons,
muons and synchrotron light should still play a crucial but not
exclusive role, the emphasis of the school is on a particular topic, to
be defined every year. The topic of this seventh school (2008) will be
dedicated to Probing the Nanometer Scale with Neutrons, Photons and

The properties of a material may be dramatically altered either when one
or more of its spatial dimensions are reduced to the nanometer scale or
within nanometer distances from an interface to another material with
very different properties. The latter proximity effect may lead to very
strong coupling between properties such as magnetism, resistivity,
superconductivity, ferroelectricity, etc. In this school we will show
how neutrons, synchrotron X-rays and muons can be used to probe these
materials and detect new phenomena on the nm scale. Various techniques
based on the use of neutrons, muons and photons (powder diffraction,
small angle scattering, reflectometry, muon spin rotation/relaxation,
real space imaging and X-ray circular dichroism) will be introduced and
examples from the fields of superconductivity, magnetism,
ferroelectricity, material science, food science and soft matter science
will be presented. 

The school is addressed mainly to the education of PhD and postdoctoral
students without prior knowledge of neutron, X-ray and muon techniques.
In addition to the lectures, there will be poster and discussion
sessions in which the participants are welcome to present their own

It is fully open to the national and non-national public and the
language of the school is English. 

Renate Bercher 
Paul Scherrer Institut 
Condensed Matter Research with Neutrons and Muons 
5232 Villigen PSI 
Tel. 0041 56 310 3402 
Fax 0041 56 310 3131 
email: renate.bercher at psi.ch 

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