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> Dear Colleagues
> Last week we received the sad news that Walter Fischer had passed away. 
> Walter had cancer diagnosed about half a year ago, but responded well to treatment and has until 3 weeks ago been active at PSI, finishing his book "NEUTRONS, X-RAYS and MUONS - The theoretical principles of their applications in solid state physics". Walter Fischer was the central figure for the NUM department during his active career. I only had the privilege to know him after his retirement - Walter remained active at PSI writing his book - he was in high demand as guide for visitors of the facilities and for me he became a very good friend, always available for advice and support and for a good story about the early days of SIN and PSI.
> The funeral will take place Thursday, March 27 in Dübendorf-Wil at 2.20 p.m.
> PSI has lost one of its most charismatic figures, we have lost an old colleague and a good friend. He will be sadly missed.
> Kurt
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