[Neutron] Symposium Announcement - Emerging Applications of Neutron Scattering in Materials Science and Engineering

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I would like to draw your attention to the following symposium.
Abstracts are due July 15.  To submit an abstract, visit www.tms.org
<blocked::http://www.tms.org/> .


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Emerging Applications of Neutron Scattering in Materials Science and


A Symposium at 2009 TMS Annual Meeting


February 15-19, 2009

San Francisco, USA


Organized by

Xun-Li Wang, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Brent T. Fultz, California Institute of Technology

Hahn Choo, University of Tennessee


Neutron scattering is a powerful and indispensible tool for the study of
advanced materials. Because of the unique properties of neutrons,
neutron scattering studies often yield unique insights into the
structure and dynamics of the materials that are not accessible by other
means. This symposium will explore some of the new research
opportunities that are emerging with the commissioning of the Spallation
Neutron Source in Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the upgrades of
existing instruments at other facilities. For example, time-resolved
studies will be possible to examine structure evolution in realistic
time scales. New techniques, such as high-resolution real-space imaging,
are also developing. This symposium will bring together researchers from
neutron scattering and materials communities to address current problems
in materials science and engineering. Specific topics will include, but
not limited to,

(1) Neutron diffraction and structure determination

(2) Small angle neutron scattering studies and microstructure control

(3) Residual stress mapping and neutron imaging in engineering

(4) Deformation behaviors in polycrystalline and amorphous materials

(5) Lattice dynamics and phase stability

(6) Phase transformation kinetics and fundamental issues of nucleation
and growth


Theory and modeling studies which may drive new experiments will also be


Abstracts are due July 15.  Visit www.tms.org to submit an abstract.



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