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Members of the Spanish bid to host the European Spallation Source,
ESS-Bilbao have held meetings with their counterparts in the SNS, the
American Spallation Neutron Source, in Oak Ridge (Tennessee) to exchange
experiences and to present the latest advances in target technologies.
During these meetings, ESS-B and members of the SNS have agreed to jointly
pursue several pending issues on target technologies.  

Targets for generating neutrons by spallation processes generally consist of
solid-state heavy metals such as tungsten or liquid-state metals such as
mercury, upon which a beam of accelerated protons strikes at almost the
speed of light.

The American delegation has visited the Spanish candidature ESS-Bilbao in
order to present its experience in target technologies and to get firsthand
knowledge of the status of the ESS-B project . 

The work team of the ESS-B consortium, led by Cristina Oyón, Interim Project
Manager, informed their colleagues on the current status of the Spanish
candidature, as well as the Research and development Strategy initiated by
ESS-B. For SNS, Thomas McManamy and Bernie Riemer presented the latest
achievements and experience of the American Spallation Source project. Also,
Günter Bauer, one of the leading experts in this field, also took part in
the meeting.

“The agreement reached by ESS-B and SNS to work jointly and collaborate in
target technologies is a real milestone for our candidature”, Cristina Oyón

Bernie Riemer of SNS was favourably impressed by the enthusiasm of the ESS-B
candidature team and highlighted the suitability of the site planned for the
Spallation Source in Zamudio.

The European Spallation Source is an ambitious project involving investments
in technological infrastructures amounting to approximately 1300 million
euros. The ESS-Bilbao project expects to generate 600 permanent jobs plus
the 4000 people who may use the infrastructure on an annual basis. The ESS
is one of 35 major European technology infrastructures included in the VII
R&D Framework Programme of the European Union.

Some of the major scientific applications of the Spallation Source include
molecular biology, material physics, medicine, automotive, aeronautics and
electronics. The function of the Spallation Stores is to produce neutrons
that penetrate matter providing precise information on its atomic structure.


Spanish visit to the American Spallation Source

A Spanish delegation made up of members of the Guiding Council of the
ESS-Bilbao candidature will travel to SNS (Oak Ridge -Tennessee) over the
next few days to present the Spanish project in person and to continue
working jointly in the field of target technologies.







Sira Cordón

Press Officer


94 607 66 28

scordon at essbilbao.com



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