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Mon Jan 11 23:40:51 CET 2010

Post Doctoral Fellowship
Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering 

2 year term (with possible 1 year extension)
Salary range: A$72,358 (plus 15.4% superannuation)

ANSTO is one of Australia's foremost scientific research and development
organisations, focused on delivering the benefits of nuclear science to
the Australian community.

The Bragg Institute is the research center for the construction and use
of neutron-scattering instrumentation at the new OPAL reactor close to
Sydney. Scientists at the institute help users of this instrumentation
to solve complex research and industrial problems in many important
fields of physics, chemistry, biology and material sciences, as well as
pursuing their own research interests.   

We are currently seeking a PhD graduate in physics, chemistry, biology
or materials science, with strong problem solving skills, good
communication skills, and a proven publication record who can work well
within small cross-disciplinary teams, including researchers using both
experimental and computer modelling approaches.  

The successful candidate will engage in a research program that has two
related aspects. Firstly, to ensure that we can offer good
analysis/modeling support for our future users of quasi-elastic and
inelastic neutron-scattering (QENS and INS, respectively). This will
involve further development of our in-house analytical expertise, which
will then be brought to a form suitable for the general user-community.
Secondly, we are interested in the dynamics of water and ions in a
variety of complex systems, such as biological, energy or waste-storage
materials, which we are already studying using QENS and INS. This
position provides the opportunity to become involved in any of these
research areas and would become the test-bed for the analysis/modeling
utilities. Whilst previous neutron-scattering experience would be an
advantage, good research and computer-analysis skills are most

The successful Post Doctoral Fellow will interact closely with national
and international collaborators and will have the opportunity to publish
in high impact journals, present their work at international
conferences, and to access major facilities through existing networks of
the collaborative partners. 

To be eligible for appointment, applicants will require a security and
medical assessment.

For further technical information relating to this position please
contact Don Kearley on +61 (02) 9717 7274 or at
Gordon.kearley at ansto.gov.au  

For further information on how to apply and to view the selection
criteria please consult the application information package
f>  or contact Megan Lusty on +61 (02) 9717 3094. Applications should be
submitted online and must address the selection criteria.

Applications close: 1st February 2010


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