[Neutron] FPSchool-2010: Annual School on Advanced Neutron Diffraction Data Treatment using the FULLPROF suite

Marie-Hélène Lemée-Cailleau lemee at ill.eu
Mon Jan 25 13:43:45 CET 2010

Dear Colleague,

We draw your attention to the 3rd Annual School on Advanced Neutron 
Diffraction Data Treatment using the FULLPROF suite to be held in 
Grenoble at the ILL from 2 to 7 May 2010. We invite you to visit our 
website http://www.ill.fr/dif/FPSchool/ for more details and application.

Brief scientific scope of *FPSchool - 2010*:

Precise crystallography has significantly contributed to the success and 
recent developments in materials science, solid state physics and 
chemistry. Among the available programs for diffraction data analysis, 
the FULLPROF SUITE is one of the most widely used packages by the 
scientific community working in these fields. By creating a regular 
school on the FULLPROF SUITE, our aim is to contribute directly to the 
training of the upcoming generation of scientists. These intensive, 
hands-on, schools are focus on the analysis of diffraction data with the 
FULLPROF SUITE. After two successful issues, 2008 on "heterogeneous data 
coming from powders, single crystals, X-rays and time-of-flight neutron 
diffraction" and 2009 on "Magnetism", *FPSchool-2010 *will  continue 
with the tradition of dedicating the first part to generalities and the 
second part of the school to a more specialized topic: *complete 
diffraction-data treatment under constraints* (powders and single 
crystals) using a symmetry mode approach for extended ionic/covalent 
materials and rigid body constraints for molecular materials. It will 
take place in Grenoble and will be open to no more than 35 participants.

Many thanks in advance for helping in the diffusion of this information.
Best regards,

The organizing committee of FPSchool - 2010

Juan RODRIGUEZ-CARVAJAL, jrc at ill.eu
Marie-Hélène LEMÉE-CAILLEAU, lemee at ill.eu
Gabriel CUELLO, cuello at ill.eu


FPSchool - 2010 
3rd ILL annual school on Advanced Neutron Diffraction Data Treatement using the FULLPROF Suite 
2-7 May 2010 
ILL Grenoble, France. 

Email: FPSchool at ill.eu
URL: http://www.ill.eu/dif/FPSchool/ 

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