[Neutron] Upcoming meetings of interest to HFIR and SNS Users

Ekkebus, Allen E. ekkebusae at ornl.gov
Mon Jun 14 19:45:52 CEST 2010

The following meetings are expected to be of interest to HFIR and SNS users.

ACNS meeting, Ottawa, Canada.
SHUG session, Monday, June 28, 5-6pm, Emily Liu, chair
This Meeting is an opportunity to report to users on recent events involving ORNL's neutron facilities such as expanded sample environment capabilities and ORNL-funded collaborations to build new equipment, construction of new user labs, user engagement activities with new instruments, availability of new software products, and the new ORNL-funded collaborative research visits and sabbaticals.  Feedback is requested on these topics and we hope to receive suggestions for topical workshops, training, and other outreach activities.   Contact Al Ekkebus, ekkebusae at ornl.gov<mailto:ekkebusae at ornl.gov>, for more information.
o Introduction, newly funded collaborative visits, user labs, software products, and user engagement activities  (30 minutes) -  Dean Myles
o Sample environment (10) - Lou Santodonato
o Suggestions for outreach and training and feedback on practices/policies (20)

Neutrons for Global Energy Solutions, Bonn, Germany, September 26-29, 2010.*
An international workshop on the use of "Neutrons for Global Energy Solutions" will be held in Bonn from September 26th to 29th, 2010. The exciting program, that will cover all aspects of research with neutrons concerning energy sources, conversion, storage and distribution, energy savings, and waste management, as well as cross cutting issues and novel techniques
Additional workshop information is available at Neutrons for Global Energy Solutions<http://neutron.neutron-eu.net/n_nmi3fp7/foresight/Energy_solutions>

Neutrons and Food, Sydney, Australia, October 31-November 3, 2010.*
This workshop seeks to identify the future scientific needs in the application of neutron scattering to Food Science. The findings will help neutron facilities to further adapt their infrastructure to the requirements of the wider scientific community and to enable potential users to develop collaborations with neutron scattering researchers. The application of neutron scattering to food-based systems is still in its infancy but has significant potential to understand the complex relationship between food structure, processing, rheology, nutrition, food quality and security. Scholarships are available for travel for early-career scientists from U.S. academic institutions. You will need to make a presentation and follow-on summary report. Contact Al Ekkebus, ekkebusae at ornl.gov<mailto:ekkabusae at ornl.gov>, for more information about the scholarships.  Additional workshop information is available at Neutrons and Food<http://www.nbi.ansto.gov.au/neutronsandfood>.

*One potential outcome of these events is a book in the series Neutron Scattering Applications and Techniques<http://www.springer.com/series/8141>. Volunteers are needed to develop additional topics in this series; support may be available. Contact Al Ekkebus, ekkebusae at ornl.gov<mailto:ekkabusae at ornl.gov>, for more information.

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