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Job Number: 220557 Scientist 2
Date Posted: 10/29/2010 Division: MPA-DO
Employment Type: LANL Organization: MPA-CMMS
Appointment Type: Regular Status: OPEN
Recruiting Scope: External Number of Openings: 1

Salary Band
Minimum       Mid              Maximum
$76,500.00 $100,900.00  $128,000.00

Clearance: None

Position Overview
The Condensed Matter and Magnet Science group 
(MPA-CMMS) seeks a scientist to lead the group’s 
efforts in neutron scattering and diffraction. 
The successful candidate will be a member of the 
Strongly Correlated Electron Systems research 
team that focuses on discovering and 
understanding new phenomena in strongly 
correlated materials. Heavy-fermion systems are a 
particular area of emphasis and neutron 
scattering plays a crucial role in delineating 
the role of magnetism and its relationship to 
unconventional states, such as quantum critical, 
superconducting and frustrated, that emerge at 
low temperatures. The successful candidate will 
be encouraged to perform experiments, as 
appropriate, at the Lujan Neutron Scattering 
Center, but in general the candidate will carry 
out experiments at whatever neutron source is 
most appropriate for the desired measurements. 
The candidate will be expected to contribute to 
ongoing technical work as well as to the 
development and preparation of proposals for new 
initiatives. The candidate should be able to work 
as part of a dynamic, multidisciplinary research group.

Key Position Requirements
Demonstrated record of technical excellence and 
achievement in neutron scattering studies of 
correlated electron materials and phenomena as 
reflected through peer-reviewed publications and 
presentations at internationally recognized 
conferences. Demonstrated familiarity with a 
range of inelastic and elastic neutron scattering 
techniques, record of obtaining beam time at 
international neutron user facilities, and 
experience with the execution of neutron 
experiments at very low temperatures, high 
magnetic fields and high pressures. Demonstrated 
familiarity with relevant theory and appropriate 
analysis of data. Excellence in communication 
(written and verbal) and interpersonal skills. 
Demonstrated dependability and ability to work 
effectively, conscientiously, and professionally 
in a team environment. Demonstrated collaborative 
research experience (within academia, industry or 
government agencies). Ability to establish 
effective and productive partnerships. PhD in 
condensed matter physics or equivalent field and 
postdoctoral research experience. Demonstrated 
commitment to goals of ensuring the health and 
safety of workers and the public as well as environmental protection.

Job Description
The scientist 2 is responsible for a broad set of 
activities within a scientific discipline in 
support of research and development (R&D) 
science, which is defined as the application of 
scientific principles under the scientific method 
to address technical problems; or to develop 
novel techniques or principles; or to analyze 
data or outcomes from experiments (in the real 
world or in the computational domain) or from 
observational procedures in the context of the 
underlying scientific principles or models. Broad 
experience in a relevant technical discipline is required
Job Duties
1. Safety and security are primary 
responsibilities for all Laboratory employees. 
Maintains required safety and security training 
and assures compliance; makes safety and security 
an integral part of every task. Takes steps to 
stop work if unsafe conditions exist or security is compromised.
2. Adheres to scientific policies, programs, procedures and practices.
3. Promotes a mutually respectful work 
environment that is free from discrimination and 
harassment and that supports cooperation, teamwork, and resource sharing.
4. Follows the generally-accepted procedure of 
the Scientific Method, namely: (1) observation of 
specific phenomena, (2) construction of an 
hypothesis or hypotheses to explain these 
phenomena, (3) testing of the hypothesis or 
hypotheses by experiment or other measurable, 
empirical techniques, and (4) dissemination of 
ideas, models, tests, data, and hypotheses to the peer community and beyond.
5. Applies and interprets, on a broad basis, 
existing scientific principles, techniques, 
methods and tools to provide solutions for a wide 
assortment of complex problems
6. Contributes to the design, testing, analysis, 
verification, and validation of scientific 
solutions in support of R&D initiatives.
7. Develops technical approach, using creativity 
in applying standard practices and procedures, 
and leads technical decisions, including 
selections of technical alternatives, for assigned work.
8. Develops new methods, techniques or approaches 
to address critical technical problems. Develops new technical capabilities.
9. Develops technical products such as journal 
papers and reports. Contributes to the 
development of intellectual property leading to 
publications, copyrights, and/or patents.
10. Contributes to the completion of milestones 
on multiple projects. Contributes to the 
achievement of programmatic objectives.
11. Sets direction and goals for well-defined 
tasks involving more than one person. Scopes 
tasks within a project and defines deliverables 
at task level. Leads specific project tasks to 
meet scope, schedule and budget.
12. Actively participates in professional 
societies, complex interactions, special 
assignments, and/or external special interest 
groups. May participate in external working 
groups and/or assist in organizing meetings and colloquia.
13. Provides peer review of the work of others 
across organizations or disciplines.
14. Mentors junior staff and peers in technical 
and professional growth. May mentor students and/or post-docs.
15. Acquires funding support for self and, optionally, for others.
16. Maintains state-of-the-art technical 
expertise and knowledge within discipline, and 
develops new skills in related disciplines. May 
attain additional certifications and/or 
qualifications, which may include more advanced educational degrees.
Job Knowledge
• Significant knowledge and experience in one or 
more technical research and development disciplines.
• Demonstrated understanding of principles of scientific integrity.
• Significant knowledge and experience in 
developing and implementing technical research 
and development projects including the 
formulation and testing of hypotheses, 
investigation of alternative solutions, and 
recommendation of solutions to technical problems.
• Significant knowledge and experience in 
formulating and presenting results to technical audiences and readerships.
• Significant knowledge and experience of 
appropriate safe practices for technical work.
• Typical educational requirement is a 
bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree in 
science from an accredited college or university.

A. Supervision Received
• Receives occasional oversight on specific 
objectives, as well as on complex problems and 
solutions. Completed work products are subject to supervisory review.

B. Supervision Exercised
• Provides technical coordination and/or guidance 
to junior staff and peers, as needed.

C. Contacts
• Position typically requires effective 
networking with peers across the division and/or 
the Laboratory. May have independent interactions 
with peers, organizations, and/or sponsors external to the Laboratory.

This description is not intended to be a complete 
statement of every aspect of the position, but 
rather to act as a guide to the essential 
functions to be performed. Assigned functions of 
this job may vary, and other duties and 
responsibilities may be assigned or changed at the discretion of management.

Notes To Applicants
For Additional technical information about this 
position contact Michael Hundley at 505-667-4129. 
For full consideration applicants should submit a 
CV, publication list, and comprehensive cover 
letter that addresses through previous experience 
the key requirements outlined above.
Pre-Employment Drug Test
The Laboratory requires successful applicants to 
complete a pre-employment drug test and maintains 
a substance abuse policy that includes random drug testing.
Government Conflict of Interest
To ensure that you and LANL avoid any potential 
conflicts of interest, all current/former 
Government Officials must read and respond, if 
applicable, to the LANL Applicant Disclosure Form.
For specific questions about the status of this job, call (505)667-2955.

Apply  at

Condensed Matter and Magnet Science
MS K764
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545
phone: (505)667-6416
fax: (505)665-7652

License exception:  TSPA
Condensed Matter and Magnet Science
MS K764
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545
phone: (505)667-6416
fax: (505)665-7652

License exception:  TSPA 
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