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Dear Colleague,

I wish to draw your attention to the LANSCE Neutron School focused on the
Analysis of Structural Materials to be held Aug. 5-13, 2010 at the Lujan
Neutron Scattering Center, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).  The
school is intended for young researchers, postdocs and graduate students,
but undergraduate students will be considered as well. Travel support will
be provided for all students accepted to the school. For more details and
application information (deadline May 1) please visit our website



If you know someone who might be interested in this opportunity to visit the
high desert and learn about engineering neutron diffraction measurements, I
ask that you forward this announcement to them. We kindly ask you to please
download and print the poster from our website and post appropriately at
your institution.


Thank You and Best Regards,


Don Brown
Chair of the Neutron School Organizing Committee


Scientific Scope of the Lujan Center Neutron School on Structural Materials.
For nearly 3 decades, neutron diffraction has been used for engineering
applications. In combinations with modeling techniques, in particular
self-consistent polycrystal deformation models, neutron diffraction has
contributed significantly to the understanding of material deformation. More
recently, neutron scattering has been utilized to probe microstructural
evolution and deformation behavior of structural materials under conditions
approximating those seen during processing and operation. Neutrons are an
ideal probe of internal strains, texture evolution, and defects, allowing
in-situ study of these parameters in a phase-sensitive manor to investigate
e.g. composite materials. This school will focus on the measurement
techniques that have developed in response to demands to understand
increasing complex materials.  Many of the world leaders in the field,
including those who invented the technique, will present lectures on
subjects such as texture analysis, diffraction line profile analysis and
residual stress measurement as well as on complementary synchrotron/X-ray
scattering techniques and modeling.  Students will have the chance to
participate in four hands on experiments using state of the art neutron
scattering instruments at the Lujan Center, and interact with advanced
polycrystalline plasticity models developed at LANL. 


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