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Monica Dapiaggi monica.dapiaggi at unimi.it
Tue Jan 18 15:10:22 CET 2011

To all the list members, with my apologies for multiple posting.

We are happy to announce that the next AIC International School in

*Crystallography Beyond Diffraction
the role of spectroscopies and theoretical calculations in revealing
structural information*

will be held in *Camerino *(Italy) on *July 4-8*, 2011.

The School, organised by the Teaching Committee of the Italian
Crystallographic Association (AIC), is aimed at providing the theoretical
and practical skills needed for the characterisation of crystalline
structures at different length scales, by means of the combined application
of diffraction techniques (classical and total scattering), spectroscopies
(vibrational, XAS, RIXS and NMR) and computational methods.

The School is mainly directed to researchers involved in structural
characterisation field and will include lectures on both theory and
applications of the experimental methods cited above. Particular attention
will be granted to *practical sessions and data analysis*, with teachers
available for suggestions/help on software’s use and tutorials, making it of
interest also for non academic participants.

Registration will open in February (*deadline: April 8th*).

We are making every effort to keep registration fees as low as possible, and
they will not be increased with respect to the previous edition in 2009.
Moreover, some grants will be available (*deadline for application for
grant: March 25th*)

More information can be found on the school's web site:

Looking forward to seeing you in Camerino

Monica Dapiaggi,

on behalf of the Scientific Committee

Monica Dapiaggi
Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
Università degli Studi di Milano
via Botticelli 23
20133 Milano (Italy)
tel +39-0250315605 fax +39-0250315597
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