[Neutron] International Conference on Neutron and X-ray Scattering 2011-ICNX2011-- call for papers

Chih-Hao Lee chlee at mx.nthu.edu.tw
Mon Mar 14 15:48:03 CET 2011

National Tsing Hua University and National Synchrotron Radiation Research
Center at Hsinchu, Taiwan, announce a conference 2011 entitled 


International Conference on Neutron and X-ray scattering 2011



to be held at National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu, Taiwan, from June 27
to July 1st. 

This conference is the 3rd in the series of conferences. The previous
conferences were held in Serpong and Bandung, Indonesia ICNX2007 and Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia, ICNX2009.

The objective of this conference is to bring together the scientists who
develop neutron and X-ray scattering instruments and methods, perform
characterization experiments and data analysis on soft and solid state
matter. The complementary applications of using X-ray and neutron beam give
a better view of the structures of condensed matter. We hope to attract more
international users to exchange more brilliant ideas for the new scattering
facilities during this meeting.  


The main topics of the conference:

- Membranes and interfaces of soft condensed matter

- Magnetism and highly correlated systems

- Time resolved in-situ studies and dynamics

- Nanostructured or thin film materials

- Coherent X-ray scattering and imaging

- Instrumentation and theory developments

- Industrial applications using scattering methods

- X-ray and neutron complementary crystallography

- Opportunities from new facilities


Further information and updates to the conference please find at website:


or contact


Professor Chih-Hao Lee

Department of Engineering and System Science, National Tsing Hua University,
Hsinchu, Taiwan 30013

e-mail: chlee at mx.nthu.edu.tw



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