[Neutron] Tokai Research and Development Center (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) announcement

TAKEDA Masayasu takeda.masayasu at jaea.go.jp
Tue Mar 22 07:46:09 CET 2011


Dear Colleagues, 

	Thank you for your concern of the devastating earthquake of March 11. 
The Japanese Research Reactor JRR-3 at Tokai site of JAEA was in the regular maintenance period when the earthquake took place. Although Tokai-mura was not hit by Tsunami and there were no personnel injuries, many facilities of the institute were seriously damaged. 

	The preliminary inspection seems to indicate that JRR-3 reactor itself isn't damaged and no radioactive leakage has been detected. The instruments both in the reactor hall and neutron guide hall on first sight haven't suffered any severe damage, although the further detailed inspection is needed. 

	We will make a recovery plan of JRR-3 based on the detailed inspection results as soon as possible. At the moment, however, we are afraid its full recovery may take time.  All efforts will be taken in collaboration with the Quantum Beam Science Directorate and ISSP Neutron Science Laboratory of Tokyo University.

We shall try to keep you informed.

Uetsuka, Hiroshi
Director General of Nuclear Science Research Institute,
Tokai Research and Development Center, JAEA 

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