[Neutron] DISCUS Workshop Annoucement (May 21-24, 2011)

Proffen, Thomas E. tproffen at ornl.gov
Tue Mar 29 19:27:53 CEST 2011

What: DISCUS Workshop
Where: Stony Brook University, Department of Geoscience and Chemistry
When: May 21-24, 2011
Registration: Free
Website: http://www.lks.physik.uni-erlangen.de/diffuse_workshop/index.html

Finally the DISCUS workshop is coming to the US. This is the third workshop on diffuse or total scattering and defect structure simulation. The main focus is the simulation of nanoparticle structures and strategies to refine model parameters based on total scattering data. The workshop is a mix of lecture and hands on experience using the DISCUS program.

Register soon on the website listed above, there are still a few spots available.
Looking forward to seeing you,

Thomas Proffen, Reinhard Neder and John Parise

Thomas Proffen
Powder Diffraction Group Leader, Distinguished R&D Staff
Neutron Scattering Sciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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