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The neutron scattering facilities at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, are offering workshops to familiarize new users with the scientific capabilities of instruments that have recently entered the user program.  These workshops are targeted to graduate students, postdocs, and faculty who are interested in learning more about neutron scattering techniques and associated data analysis relevant to many science areas, including physics, chemistry, materials science, and biology, as well as about the instruments.  It is expected that all attendees will participate in experiments at the Spallation Neutron Source or the High Flux Isotope Reactor; some of these experiments may involve a sample provided by the attendees. Limited financial support is available.

August 31 – September 2

Neutron Powder Diffraction Workshop<http://neutrons.ornl.gov/conf/npd2011/>, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.  Neutron powder diffraction is a widely used tool for structural characterization of a wide variety of materials such as superconductors, energy storage materials such as batteries, solid oxide fuel cells, zeolites, ferroelectrics etc. The aim of this workshop is to give members of the powder user community an (1) introduction to neutron powder diffraction, (2) how to choose between instruments at Oak Ridge for their research, (3) the proposal process, (4) experience of data collection and (5) finally Rietveld analysis of data collected at two general purpose powder instruments namely HB2A at HFIR and POWGEN at SNS.

September 6-7

Introduction to the EQ-SANS<http://neutrons.ornl.gov/conf/eqsans2011/>, Oak Ridge, TN. The EQ-SANS is the newest small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) instrument at the Spallation Neutron Source.  The EQ-SANS expands and complements the capabilities provided by the well-established SANS instruments located at ORNL’s High Flux Isotope Reactor.  Unlike these instruments, the EQ-SANS is a time-of-flight (TOF) instrument.  The use of TOF affords unique capabilities to the EQ-SANS that are not available to reactor-based SANS instruments.  The goal of this workshop is to allow potential users of the instrument an opportunity to learn about the function and capabilities of the instrument through interaction with staff members and the instrument.  The workshop will benefit both the experienced SANS user who has not worked with the instrument,  as well as the novice researcher considering using SANS for their research.

September 12-13

Getting to know the NOMAD,<http://neutrons.ornl.gov/conf/nomad2011/> Oak Ridge, TN.  The acronym NOMAD stands for Nanoscale Ordered MAterials Diffractometer and is located at the Spallation Neutron Source.  It is designed for the determination of pair distribution functions from a wide range of materials spanning from dense gases to long range ordered crystalline materials. It combines a large accessible Q range, large detector coverage with high intensity while maintaining good resolution.  For a typical sample of the order of ~0.5cm3, good statistical accuracy can be achieved in minutes or even seconds of data acquisition time. This one and a half day workshop is intended to give an overview over the capabilities of the instrument with an emphasis on hands on experiments. Suggestions of participant provided samples are welcome.

September 29 - October 1

Neutron Diffraction @ TOPAZ<http://neutrons.ornl.gov/conf/topaz2011>, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.  A workshop on single crystal neutron diffraction will be held at the Spallation Neutron Source at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). It will present invited and contributed talks to showcase cutting edge science and examples where neutron diffraction can make significant contributions; and provide training in neutron structure analysis and sample screening for the preparation of instrument beam-time proposals. TOPAZ is a high resolution wavelength-resolved Laue diffractometer with a versatile sample environment. Commissioning user experiments have demonstrated successfully the instrument capability for structural study of a vitamin B12 derivative, ion distribution in Li-ion battery materials, order and disorder in shape memory intermetallics, magnetic phase transition in multiferroic single crystal and functional thin films.

Each workshop will provide attendees with the understanding and knowledge of neutron scattering  and the capabilities associated these instruments.  This will also provide attendees with a background for identifying a science case to be used when submitting a proposal for research during the upcoming call for proposals.  In some cases and with prior approval, attendees will be able to a bring sample of their choosing to gather preliminary data on its suitability for analysis by neutron scattering.

Because this is a hands-on workshop, attendance is limited.  There is no registration fee.  You  will receive confirmation of your acceptance.  Priority for selection for these workshops will be given to those individuals who have not previously participated in neutron scattering experiments at the Spallation Neutron Source.  All attendees must be approved for site access to ORNL and complete safety training before the workshop.

For more information about submitting an application to attend these workshops or other neutron scattering events around the world, see http://neutrons.ornl.gov/calendar/.    Please contact me if you have any questions.

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