[Neutron] LLB call for proposals : deadline November 1st

MENELLE Alain alain.menelle at cea.fr
Fri Oct 7 08:49:29 CEST 2011

The next deadline for beam time request at LLB-Orphee is November 1st.



We have now 5 selection committees  : 


·         Chemical physics, biological systems

·         Crystallographic and magnetic structures

·         Magnetism: Single-crystal systems and thin layers

·         Disordered Systems, nanostructured materials and materials

·         Excitations


Please use the corresponding form to answer to this call : hxxp://www-llb.cea.fr/fr-en/llb-pro-06-V6-am.doc


Due to the preparation of the installation of new spectrometers, during this round, we will not accept proposals on Paxe and Mibemol. 


You will find all the necessary information's on our Web page : hxxp://www-llb.cea.fr/en/ 


Alain Menelle


Alain MENELLE, Laboratoire Leon Brillouin (UMR12, CEA-CNRS)

Associate director

CEA Saclay, bât.563, p.219, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France

Tel : +33-1-69-08-96-99    +33-6-81-67-14-61

Fax : +33-1-69-08-82-61    hxxp://www-llb.cea.fr

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