[Neutron] Two Announcements to the LANSCE User Group from your Executive Committee

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Thu Oct 20 19:07:31 CEST 2011


On behalf of the LUG EC we would like to make two Announcements to the 
LANSCE User Group.

Please send your replies to Steve Conradson (Chair) conradson at lanl.gov 
<mailto:conradson at lanl.gov>.

*-Workshop on New Experimental Capabilities, January 8-10, 2012, at LANSCE*

*-Annual Election of Executive Committee Members*

For more detailed information please check the LANSCE User Group page: 

*Workshop on New Experimental Capabilities at LANSCE, January 8-10, 
2012.*Meetings at LANSCE, foreign nationals without access on those 
dates must register by November 4, 2011 to obtain onsite access. Online 
registration is available: 

Open to users and potential users of all LANSCE facilities

The Office of Defense Programs of the National Nuclear Security 
Administration as part of its development of a long term strategy for 
constructing new experimental capabilities to meet NNSA missions in the 
21st century has sent out a call to the NNSA laboratories soliciting 
proposals for major facilities > $100M. In response, LANSCE will be 
requesting a pulse stacker with an optimized target and a new, 
superconducting accelerator with 3 GeV proton energy and five times the 
current of the existing one. The pulse stacker on the proton storage 
ring will increase the current by two orders of magnitude and 
simultaneously enhance the energy resolution to make LANSCE the most 
intense epithermal facility in the world for high-resolution neutron 
energy measurements at WNR. The new accelerator will improve the spatial 
and temporal resolution and the penetrability of the proton beam to 
provide experimental data from materials dynamics tests that will 
validate the ability of newly developed constitutive models to 
accurately predict microscopic (10 micron) to macroscopic (10 cm) 
materials performanceat pRad. In addition, Lujan Neutron Scattering 
Center will be hosting workshop sessions on New Directions in Local 
Structure and Neutron Radiography.

The purpose of the workshop is to solicit input from the user community, 
specifically on what opportunities might be created by these proposed 
upgrades and what instrumentation and staff would be required to realize 
this new scientific potential. This information will become part of the 
final proposal. All members of the LANSCE User Group, particularly those 
with expertise and projects in these areas, are encouraged to 
participate. In the spirit of the meeting we will also hold a session on 
additional LANSCE improvements.

For more specific information on the Local Structure and Radiography 
contact Jim Rhyne (rhyne at lanl.gov 
<file:///C:%5CUsers%5C297596%5CAppData%5CLocal%5CTemp%5Crhyne@lanl.gov>), for 
Nuclear Sciences contact Steve Wender (wender at lanl.gov 
and Frank Merrill (fmerrill at lanl.gov <mailto:fmerrill at lanl.gov>) for 
Materials Dynamics.



*Annual Election of LANSCE User Group Executive Committee Members*


The LANSCE User Group (LUG) Executive Committee (EC) plays a vital role 
in the success of the scientific program at LANSCE by keeping LANSCE 
informed of User interests and needs and providing a window to the Users 
to LANSCE operations and policies.  In these roles the EC provides 
direct user input to LANSCE management on matters ranging from 
day-to-day facility operations to future facility upgrades. Since the 
purpose of User Facilities, although sponsored by the Office of Science 
or the NNSA and managed by their host organization, is to provide 
experimental capabilities for Users, the LUG as the primary customer and 
the EC as its representative carry substantial weight in these 
matters.The EC also represents the User Group to the outside world: 
Executive Committee members are frequently invited to interact with 
LANSCE and Los Alamos management, attend meetings with LANSCE sponsors, 
and participate in other policy and advocacy activities such as those 
performed by the National User Facility Organization.

The Executive Committee is comprised of a chair, the ex officio chair, a 
vice chair, and ten regular members representing the different 
facilities and specific user subgroups, such as industry and students. 
The vice chair is elected by the EC and ascends to the chair position 
the following year. The EC members are elected by the entire LUG 
membership to serve formerly two and currently three year terms. Terms 
of the regular members are staggered to assure continuity in the 
Executive Committee. A LUG member becomes a candidate for an open EC 
position by being nominated -- self-nominations are completely 
acceptable -- and subsequently endorsed by two additional members. Send 
nominations and endorsements by email to the current chair (Steven 
Conradson, conradson at lanl.gov <mailto:conradson at lanl.gov>).

As a member of LUG, we request your assistance in this process by 
nominating and endorsing candidates to serve on the EC. This year, 
because we are in the transition from both two to three years terms and 
from topical to a facilities oriented distribution of the EC, we are 
seeking three candidates for regular EC positions to represent the Lujan 
Neutron Scattering Center. Because of this transition the candidate 
receiving the third largest number of votes will join the EC for only a 
two year term beginning in January 2012. In addition, we also seek a 
graduate student or post-doctoral scientist for a one year term.

Nominations will be accepted starting immediately and going through 
Monday, November 21, 2011. Candidates must submit a brief biographical 
sketch and statement of interests that will be posted. Please send your 
nominations and endorsements to conradson at lanl.gov 
  The ballot with the final slate of candidates will be placed on the 
LUG pages of the LANSCE web site 
(hxxp://lansce.lanl.gov/users/lug.shtml) by November 25, 2011 and voting 
will occur through 19 December, 2011. There will also be an amendment to 
the charter of this ballot, designating that all LANSCE users 
automatically become LUG members for two years with the choice to opt 
out and that other interested people can join the LUG by registering via 
the website: hxxp://lansce.lanl.gov/users/lug/lugregistration.shtml


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