[Neutron] Post Doctoral Fellowship- Neutron-scattering of porous materials for CO2 capture - in Sydney, Australia - closing date 2nd March 2012 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

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Post-Doctoral Fellowship - Neutron-scattering of porous materials for CO2 capture
Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Neutron-scattering of porous materials for CO2 capture
2 year term (with possible 1 year extension)
Salary range: AUD $74,890 (plus 15.4% superannuation)
ANSTO is one of Australia's foremost scientific research and development organisations, focused on delivering the benefits of nuclear science to the Australian community.
The Bragg Institute is the research centre for the construction and use of neutron-scattering instrumentation at the new OPAL reactor facility, located close to Sydney. Scientists at the Institute help users of this instrumentation to solve complex research and industrial problems in many important fields of physics, chemistry, biology, and materials sciences, as well as pursuing their own research interests.
The Energy project is one of several research programs of the Bragg Institute and aims to use neutron scattering to understand and direct improvements in sustainable-energy materials, which include materials for gas storage and separation, batteries, and fuel cells.
We are currently seeking a PhD graduate in chemistry or materials science to join the team of researchers in the Energy project to engage in neutron scattering experiments to characterize and understand porous materials used for CO2 separation, sequestration, and conversion.
The successful candidate will have strong problem solving and communication skills, perform experiments and data analysis, and have a proven publication record. The role forms part of a large collaborative effort aimed at developing innovative ways to capture and transform CO2 generated from the burning of fossil fuels, and the successful candidate will work with cross-disciplinary teams from Australia's top universities and research institutes.
To be eligible for appointment, applicants will require a security and medical assessment.

For further technical information please contact Vanessa Peterson on +61 2 9717 9401 or at vanessa.peterson at ansto.gov.au<mailto:vanessa.peterson at ansto.gov.au>
TO APPLY and view the Position Information package please visit www.ansto.gov.au<http://www.ansto.gov.au/> and follow the links to the vacancies page or contact Megan Lusty-Evans on +61 2 9717 3094.  Applications must be submitted on-line via our website and must include details for 3 referees.
Applications close: 2nd March 2012
This research is supported by the Science and Industry Endowment Fund
Position Application Package<http://anstocareers.nga.net.au/publicfiles/anstocareers/jobs/6F7171A3-571D-4FD6-A463-9FEC00AC2CC7/Post%20Doc%20CO2_Position%20Information%20package_Feb12.pdf>
How to apply:
*         If you have NOT registered with our Online Application System, you can begin your Application by clicking the 'Begin' button.
*         If you are unsure if you have registered before, click here<http://anstocareers.nga.net.au/cp/index.cfm?event=reg.login&CurATC=EXT&CurBID=0AC44449-CFC1-4622-9710-9DB401354878> and follow the steps.
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