[Neutron] NMI3/ILL LiveDVD with many pre-installed neutron software (12.04)

Emmanuel FARHI farhi at ill.eu
Thu May 31 16:55:57 CEST 2012

Dear colleagues,

The NMI3 Data Analysis work package (NMI3-II WP6) is proud to present, 
together with the ILL, a LiveDVD with pre-installed applications, based 
on a Ubuntu 12.04 system.

   LAMP , DAVE, Mantid, Frida, Isaw, nMoldyn,
   McStas, Vitess, SimRes,
   MFit/MView, vTAS, ResTrax,
   FullProf, PDFgui, F.O.X., OpenMX
as well as many other scientific software (X-rays, molecular dynamics, 
fem, ...)

More information at 
DVD ISO available at: ftp://ftp.ill.fr/pub/cs/ubuntu_cs (4 Gb)

Burn the DVD, and reboot your machine from the DVD (press C on a Mac, 
tune your BIOS/EFI on PC's).

You can use the system for testing the software, tutorials, schools, and 
system deployments.
It does not affect the machine disks, but can be installed along-side 
Windows and MacOSX, and run in a virtual machine. Sources of the 
installed software is also on the DVD.

E. Farhi.

PS: remember to tune your keyboard and network settings (press "apply 
system wide") from the System Settings icon on the left side bar.

Emmanuel FARHI,www.ill.eu/computing/people/emmanuel-farhi \|/ ____ \|/
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6 rue J. Horowitz, BP 156, 38042 Grenoble Cedex 9,France  /_( \__/ )_\
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