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Quantum Condensed Matter Instrument Scientist-NB50304628

The Neutron Sciences Directorate (NScD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) operates the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR), the United States' highest flux reactor based neutron source, and the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS), the world's most intense pulsed accelerator based neutron source. Together these facilities operate 24 instruments for neutron scattering research, each year carrying out 1,000 experiments in the physical, chemical, materials, biological and medical sciences for 2,000 visiting scientists. HFIR also provides unique facilities for isotope production and neutron irradiation. To learn more about Neutron Sciences at ORNL go to:  http://neutrons.ornl.gov.

The Quantum Condensed Matter Division (QCMD) of NScD, ORNL operates 13 instruments for elastic and inelastic neutron scattering studies of materials.  Instruments are located at both the HFIR and the SNS.  The QCMD conducts research on materials with emergent properties that are manifestly quantum in origin.  Some examples of current interest include superconductivity, multi-ferroicity, low dimensional and frustrated magnetism, orbital fluctuations, and quantum criticality.

QCMD invites applications for two Instrument Scientists. These positions will be either permanent or three year fixed term, depending on level of experience. These scientists will be affiliated with either the triple axis spectrometer at the HFIR or the Hybrid Spectrometer (HYSPEC) at the SNS.


*              Work as part of the Triple Axis Spectrometer group or the Time-of Flight spectroscopy group.

*              Interact with other instrument scientists, scientific associates and other personnel to provide support for the neutron scattering user programs including helping users to develop proposals, conduct experiments and analyze data.

*              Actively participate in ongoing research activities and develop an outstanding independent and collaborative research program demonstrating the capabilities and driving the further development of the neutron scattering facilities.

*              Maintain the designated instrument and coordinate with support groups to ready the instrument for user experiments;

*              Team with other staff and research groups at ORNL to  conceive, plan, and execute hardware and software upgrades of existing and future instruments as well as to develop new methods for making scattering measurements and interpretation of the data as appropriate;

*              Ensure compliance with environmental, safety, health, and quality program requirements;

*              Maintain a strong commitment to the implementation and perpetuation of laboratory values and ethics.


This is an early career position in which a Ph.D. in Physical Sciences is required, as well as two to five years of postdoctoral experience as a Research Scientist in materials science, physics, chemistry, or related fields. The candidate should be self-motivated and should have strong written and oral communication skills.  The desire to work in a team environment within a multi-disciplinary team on technically- and scientifically-challenging problems is required.

To apply for this position: http://jobs.ornl.gov

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