[Neutron] Reminder: ‘Neutrons for Energy; Advanced Materials for Energy Storage’

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Tue Jul 17 15:45:26 CEST 2012

European Spallation Source Science Symposium:

17 - 19 September 2012,

‘Neutrons for Energy; Advanced Materials for Energy Storage’

Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

The ESS Science symposium will bring together experts in renewable energy materials and in neutron scattering. The main focus will be on (lithium) battery materials, materials for the hydrogen economy (storage and fuel cells), and heat storage materials (phase change, magneto caloric), i.e. research area’s where neutrons provide particularly strong analysis techniques.

Registration and abstract submission is invited via:

Website: http://neutronsforenergy.tudelft.nl<http://neutronsforenergy.tudelft.nl/>

Deadline: see abstract submission on the website

Invited speakers include:

A. Borgschulte (EMPA, Switzerland), W.I.F. David (Oxford, RAL, UK), B. Frick (ILL, Grenoble, France), S.M. Haile (Caltech, US), J.T.S. Irvine (U St. Andrews, Scotland), M. Latroche (CNRS, Paris), C. Masquelier (Amiens, France), A. Steuwer (ESS, Lund, Sweden), A. van der Ven (U. Michigan, US), L. Vilciauskas (MPI Stuttgart, Germany)

Advisory Committee:

Peter Bruce (U. of St Andrews, Scotland), Bernard Dam (TU Delft, Netherlands), Bjørn Hauback (IFE, Norway), Joachim Maier (MPI Stuttgart, Germany), Linda Nazar (U. Waterloo, Canada), Peter Notten (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands), Andreas Züttel (EMPA, Switzerland)

The European Spallation Source (ESS) will be built near Lund (Sweden) and will provide unprecedented neutron beams and facilities for (in situ) materials characterization.


with best regards,

Prof. dr Fokko Mulder and Ilse van der Kraaij-Quick

Delft University of Technology

e-mail: neutronsforenergy at tudelft.nl<mailto:neutronsforenergy at tudelft.nl>

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