[Neutron] Keeley-Rutherford Junior Research Fellowship in condensed matter

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Dear Colleagues,
                ISIS and Wadham College have an immediate opening for the Keeley-Rutherford Junior Research Fellowship.

The Fellow will engage, in original research at ISIS and will further the teaching and scholarship of contemporary Condensed-Matter Physics at Wadham College.

The principal duty of the post holder will be to pursue original research in Condensed Matter Physics, aimed at delivering the full scientific potential of the new facilities at ISIS, through the development of new techniques and the new interpretation of neutron experiments.

The research can be theoretical or experimental in nature, with a strong emphasis on the theory-experiment interface to interpret experimental results or to design new experiments.  As part of his or her duties, the Fellow will also provide tuition in the field of Condensed Matter Physics for up to 4 hours per week in term time.

Candidates should have a Ph.D. degree in Physics or other relevant subject, and are expected to have an excellent track record in Condensed Matter Physics at postdoctoral level and to demonstrate proficiency in teaching undergraduates.

For further details and to apply please visit: http://www.topcareer.jobs/Vacancy/irc66468_2438.aspx

Closing date: 19th November 2012

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