[Neutron] FW: Sad news

Carpenter, John M. jmcarpenter at anl.gov
Mon Dec 10 18:07:06 CET 2012

Dear friends,

This, just in case you haven't learned of this tragedy.


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Subject: Sad news

To All,

Judy McGhee called me this afternoon telling me that Ron Martin and his wife Eleanor were killed in a fire in their home in LaGrange early this morning.  This is such terrible news.  The Fire Department believes that a space heater in a first floor bedroom may have caused the fire.  Judy will call me when she knows the details of any services.

Please keep Ron's daughters and Eleanor's family in your prayers.

I am sending out this e-mail to the addresses I have on my home computer. Unfortunately, I don't have any personal e-mail addresses on my home computer.  So please help me to pass this message to any and all of Ron's friends at Argonne.


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