[Neutron] Group Leader for the Data Systems and Technologies Group

Charlotta Olsson charlotta.olsson at esss.se
Tue Jan 21 16:35:52 CET 2014

The Science Directorate at the European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund, Sweden, invites applications for a Group Leader for the Data Systems and Technologies Group of the Data Management and Software Centre (DMSC)

Description of directorate/division
DMSC is responsible for the design, development and construction of the computer software and hardware to be used for the performance, and also the data analysis, of the experiments to be carried out on the neutron scattering and imaging instruments to be constructed at ESS. DMSC performs work at both the ESS offices in Lund, Sweden and at the main DMSC offices currently located at Universitetsparken 1 in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2017 the main offices of DMSC will move to a purpose built building on the Niels Bohr campus of the University of Copenhagen.

Description of main responsibilities
The role of the Data Systems and Technologies Group (DSTG) Leader is to lead the team of system designers and administrators who will design, construct, and operate the data storage, network, and high performance computing systems that will be used to stream, store and process the experimental data taken on the instruments to be built at the ESS. These systems will be located both at ESS in Lund and at the DMSC building in Copenhagen, and will be available to the experimental users of ESS instruments.

The Data Systems and Technologies Group is also responsible for operating computer systems for the scientific software development work taking place at DMSC. These systems are used by DMSC groups, other groups within ESS, and ESS's international collaborators. Divisions at ESS with whom DMSC works very closely are the Integrated Control Systems Division and the Information Technology Division.

The Data Systems and Technologies Group Leader will require both a creative and innovative mind, able to solve complex technical challenges, and an ability to build strong collaborative relationships with the other stakeholders involved. Previous experience in project management in the development of scientific computer systems for the use at a scientific user research facility, along with line management of research and technical staff, is essential in this position.
The successful candidate should have an MSc (preferably a PhD) in one of the computational or physical sciences.

What ESS and DMSC can offer
At ESS and DMSC we offer people with talent and passion a unique opportunity to be involved in the development and building of a world leading facility for materials research.
Besides attractive employment and relocation conditions, the flexibility to balance work life with private life and good opportunities to further enhance your skills; you will also enjoy being part of an organisational culture that promotes and supports internal career growth. We pride ourselves in having successful collaboration across different functions, and as the facility continues to grow we will keep nurturing the international and vibrant environment welcoming people from all across the world.

Duration & Location
This position is permanent with six months initial probationary period. Your work place will primarily be at the DMSC offices in Copenhagen, Denmark but work will also be performed at ESS in Lund, Sweden. The position is to be filled as soon as possible.

Application & Contact
Please provide your curriculum vitae and covering letter in English by clicking on “apply” and following the instructions. Please note we only accept applications via the ESS website.

The position will remain open until filled, with the first deadline for applications on the 16th of February.

For further information regarding the position, please contact Mark Hagen, Head of DMSC, e-mail: mark.hagen[at]esss.se. For further information regarding the recruitment process, please contact Charlotta Olsson, HR Officer, e-mail: charlotta.olsson[at]esss.se.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Charlotta Olsson
HR Officer – Recruitment Partner

European Spallation Source ESS AB
P.O Box 176, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden
Visiting address: Tunavägen 24, 223 63 Lund

Mobile: +46 721 79 20 25
Phone: +46 46 888 30 25
E-mail: charlotta.olsson at esss.se<mailto:charlotta.olsson at esss.se>




The European Spallation Source is a Partnership of 17 European Nations committed to the goal of collectively building and operating the world's leading facility for research using neutrons by the second quarter of the 21st Century

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