[Neutron] REMINDER: SLS/SINQ - 2014 call for joint X + N powder diffraction proposals

PSI User Office useroffice at psi.ch
Tue Feb 11 11:19:35 CET 2014

Please remember:

The synchrotron (SLS) and neutron (SINQ) facilities at the 'Paul Scherrer Institut PSI' 
are launching the 6th JOINT proposal round with the aim
to promote and facilitate the complementary use of X-rays and neutrons.

The proposal submission deadine for this round will be :

**** FEBRUARY 20, 2014, 23:59 (CET) ****

The joint X-rays + neutrons proposal round concerns proposals for powder diffraction experiments
in the fields of condensed matter, crystallography, chemistry, magnetism etc, for which the use
of both synchrotron X-ray AND neutron diffraction is required and adequately justified.

The X-ray and neutron diffraction instruments involved are:
- the powder diffraction station of the Materials Sciences beamline (X04SA) at SLS: 
- the HRPT high resolution neutron powder diffractometer at SINQ: 

The beamtime allocation will be from July to December 2014.

Applications should be submitted solely through the PSI Digital User Office: https://duo.psi.ch
When logged into your account with DUO, select the link "Submit a new proposal" from the "Proposals" panel,
and then choose "Joint neutron - X-rays powder diffraction (SINQ and SLS)" from the popup menu.
In the "General" part, when choosing the instrument, please select "Joint-MS-HRPT" as an instrument.
Further, just follow the instructions for the regular proposal submission.

We are looking forward to your applications within this special submission channel.

For further questions please visit: http://www.psi.ch/useroffice/x-plus-n
or contact us directly: useroffice at psi.ch

Paul Scherrer Institut - User Office
5232 Villigen - PSI
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