[Neutron] LLB call for proposals : deadline April 1st

MENELLE Alain alain.menelle at cea.fr
Wed Mar 5 21:58:14 CET 2014

Dear colleague,

The next deadline for neutron beam time request to perform neutron scattering experiments at LLB-Orphee is April 1st.

Be careful, this an unusual date, changed in order to be able to offer more beam time to users during the shutdown of the ILL.

You will find all the necessary information's on this next call on our Web page : http://www-llb.cea.fr/en/

Sring news :
·         Our new neutron radiography station Imagine and our new high resolution powder diffraction PHR-G44 are now open to users.
·         The Eros reflectometer is upgraded and transfer to a new beamport. It transforms into Hermes (Horizontal Enhanced Reflectometer for the Measurement of Surfaces)

Alain Menelle

Laboratoire Leon Brillouin (UMR12, CEA-CNRS)

CEA Saclay, bât.563, p.219, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France

Tel : +33-1-69-08-96-99    +33-6-81-67-14-61

Fax : +33-1-69-08-82-61    http://www-llb.cea.fr

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