[Neutron] A triclinic organic material known to the general public

Filhol Alain filhol at ill.eu
Sat Sep 20 01:29:17 CEST 2014

Dear colleagues,

I am working at vDiffraction (*) a free educational application, a serious game, about crystals and diffraction that will be published on the Apple Store, Google Play and the web. This is developed in the framework of "International Year of crystallography 2014" launched by UNESCO.

To complete the scientific help pages, I am desperately looking for
	whose name or applications are known to the general public.
Once I will get a name, the next step will be to find
	a good picture of the structure
	AND a photo of a single crystal, group of crystals or powder grains.

I unsuccessfully browsed many color dyes, pesticides, perfumes, medocs, etc., thus I badly need your help!

All the best

Alain Filhol

(*) application based on the same interactive 3D technology than Neutrons4Science (available in 6 languages, soon in Chinese).
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