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We would like to announce that there will be a workshop on "Magnetic Structure and Analysis by Neutron Diffraction Techniques" at this year's American Crystallographic Association meeting in Denver, Colorado this year.   The meeting is from July 22-26.  The workshop will occur on Friday, July 22.

Magnetic Structure Analysis by Neutron Diffraction Techniques

The workshop will be structured as a series of lectures in the field of magnetic neutron scattering presented by organizers and invited speakers (including Branton Campbell, Huibo Cao, and Clarina Dela Cruz), and hands-on sessions where attendees will be assisted by the organizers. Materials will be provided electronically to the students.  Students will be required to install software on their computers before the workshop and will be required to bring their laptops for the workshop. They will be required to have access to a Windows operating system.

Tentative program:

7:45pm  Bus leaves Sheraton Hotel

8:00 AM Registration/Computer Setup

8:30 AM Intro to Neutron Diffraction/Refinement

This lecture will introduce the formalism of neutron diffraction and offer a brief introduction to the Rietveld method.

9:15 AM Intro to Fullprof

This lecture will give an overview of the Fullprof package for the refinement of magnetic structures.

9:45 coffee break

10:00 AM Hands on exercise in Fullprof

This will introduce the students to the pcr file and how to perform a Rietveld refinement on a crystal structure using powder diffraction data.

11:30 AM Intro to Magnetic Structures

Includes a brief talk on the different types of magnetic structures that students may encounter and will introduce FP_Studio for visualizing crystal structures

12 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Intro to Magnetic Structures (hands on)

In this brief hands on, the students will use FP_Studio to visualize magnetic structures.

1:30 PM Intro to Representational Analysis

This includes a lecture that will introduce the basic concepts of representational analysis and hands on with SARAh software to determine what types of magnetic structures are possible for a material.

2:30 PM Representational Analysis (hands on)

In this hands on exercise, the students will use representational analysis to determine the possible magnetic structures for a material of a given wave vector.

3:00 PM Coffee break

3:15 PM Fullprof Magnetic Structure (hands on)

In this hands on exercise, the students will use the K-search to determine the propagation vector, and will refine the magnetic structure of a material given powder diffraction data.

4:15 PM Advanced Fullprof

Discussion of refinements using single crystals data and combined data sets

4:45 PM Intro to magnetic space groups

This introduces the concept of magnetic space group and demonstration in using ISOTROPY software and the Bilbao Crystallographic server.

5:45 PM Wrap Up

Workshop will be held on the campus of the Auraria Higher Education Center<http://www.ahec.edu/>. The campus is a dynamic and vibrant higher education community located in the heart of downtown Denver. The 150-acre campus is shared by three separate and distinct institutions of higher learning: Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and University of Colorado Denver.

Round trip bus transportation between the hotel and campus will be provided. The workshop will begin at 8:00am and end at approx. 6:00pm. Lunch will be provided.  Preregistration and payment is required. Registration fee for everyone is $110.


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