[Neutron] Post-doctoral position in neutron optics research at the MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory

Boris Khaykovich bkh at mit.edu
Tue Feb 2 22:11:23 CET 2016

*Post-doctoral position in neutron optics research at the MIT Nuclear
Reactor Laboratory*

MIT has a post-doctoral position available in neutron optics research.
Experience and interest in neutron (or x-ray) scattering methods and
instrumentation are important prerequisites for this position.  MIT has a
long history of groundbreaking research in neutron science and currently
several faculty members are involved in both applications of neutron
scattering and neutron instrumentation. Recently we have demonstrated
neutron beam focusing by axisymmetric mirror systems, known as Wolter
mirrors, for imaging and SANS (see

This position would emphasize the development of these novel optics for
neutron imaging, with special interest in improving the performance of
instruments at Idaho and Oak Ridge National Labs. The successful candidate
will design and optimize focusing optics for particular instruments, using
both ray-tracing simulations and measurements of test mirrors.

Contact:           Dr. Boris Khaykovich   bkh at mit.edu

Boris Khaykovich
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nuclear Reactor Laboratory
NW13-242, 77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
Phone: +617-253-2861
e-mail: bkh at mit.edu
http://khaykovich.mit.edu/ <http://web.mit.edu/bkh/www>
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