[Neutron] Reminder: march 15 early bird registration deadline for the MLZ Conference "Neutrons for Energy"

Holderer, Olaf o.holderer at fz-juelich.de
Fri Mar 11 11:36:21 CET 2016

Dear colleagues,

march 15 is the deadline for the early bird registration for the MLZ Conference „Neutrons for Energy“.
The conference takes place from July 18-21 2016 in Bad Reichenhall, Germany (https://webapps.frm2.tum.de/indico/e/neuforenergy).

Scope of the conference:
A sustainable, environmentally-friendly and efficient production and use of energy is one of the major challenges that societies are facing around the globe. Economically-balanced solutions are urgently needed. Material and material system development is the key for technological progress. Scientists search for technologies for energy applications based on both soft and hard matter materials. Neutrons are an analytical key tool, as they provide deep insight into the structure and dynamics of matter. In particular, the high penetration depth of neutrons can be used to study complex systems and fully assembled devices under in situ/operando conditions. In addition, for many energy related materials the presence of light atoms like hydrogen, lithium or oxygen is at the core of their functionality and neutrons are ideally suited to elucidate the appropriate structures and dynamics.  Neutrons play thus a crucial role to tailor physical properties for the next-generation materials for energy applications.
This conference covers major topics of neutron analytics for energy research like energy storage and energy transformation (including batteries, fuel cells, electrolysis, H2-storage, thermoelectrics, and magnetocalorics), solar energy applications, catalysis, as well as engineering and industrial applications. In addition methodological instrument developments are an important contribution to enhance energy research with neutrons.
The international conference “Neutrons for Energy” targets scientists from all fields working in energy materials development. It will emphasize the use of neutron scattering and neutron spectroscopy as analytical tools for the characterization, development and optimization of materials for energy applications.
With best regards from the organizing committee
Karen Friese, Ralph Gilles, Olaf Holderer, Anatoliy Senyshin, Martin Müller, Björn Pedersen


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