[Neutron] celebrating "2016 Debye-Rietveld Year" on Thu/22/sept/2016

Lambert van Eijck l.vaneijck at tudelft.nl
Tue Apr 5 10:05:08 CEST 2016

Dear all,

2016 is a special year for diffraction:

- 100 years ago Peter Debye performed the first powder diffraction 
experiment with Paul Scherrer.
- 50 years ago Hugo Rietveld introduced "Rietveld Refinement" for powder 
diffraction data.

When prof. Bill David so kindly pointed out these facts to us at the 
Delft PEARL opening workshop, he also suggested that, since both 
scientists are Dutch, it would be appropriate for 'the Dutch' to 
organize a celebration.

We took on this challenge and would like to invite you to the 
Debye-Rietveld Celebration that will take place on *Thursday, the 22nd 
of September 2016 in Amsterdam*! With a special thanks to our sponsors 
who enabled us to organize this event.

Please have a look at the scientific and non-scientific programme at our 


and register as soon as possible.

We hope to see in September in Amsterdam!

/The Debye-Rietveld organizing committee/

/Bram Schierbeek//
//Céleste Reiss//
//Lambert van Eijck//
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