[Neutron] EHPRG Meeting - 2016: MS "Novel high pressure instrumentation at large scale facilities: neutrons"

Denis P. Kozlenko denk at nf.jinr.ru
Fri Apr 8 10:33:41 CEST 2016

Dear Colleagues,

In the framework of the 54th European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG) International Meeting
on High Pressure Science and Technology (4-9 September 2016, Bayreuth, Germany),
The Microsymposium MS-5 “Novel high pressure instrumentation at large scale facilities: neutrons”
will be organized.

In recent years interest of research community in high pressure studies of structural, magnetic and
other  physical properties of materials by means of neutron scattering
methods has grown remarkably and now most of the advanced neutron scattering facilities
either have dedicated instruments or projects for their development. Moreover, recent progress
in high pressure methodology and neutron scattering instrumentation provides a substantial increase
in the experimentally accessible pressure range, steadily expanding to megabar scale.
The aim of the Microsymposium is to discuss the present state-of-art of neutron scattering
instrumentation for high pressure research and elucidate roots for further developments in the field.

We invite all related contributions. The abstract submission deadline is April 15, 2016.
For further information see the conference webpage: www.ehprg2016.org

We are looking forward to seeing you in Bayreuth!

Yours sincerely,

Denis Kozlenko


Dr. Denis Kozlenko

Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
141980 Dubna Russian Federation

E-mail: denk at nf.jinr.ru

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