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Wed Apr 27 17:42:36 CEST 2016

Dear Colleagues,
We are happy to invite you to a workshop on the application of the SoNDe detector concept for application in neutron detection. The workshop is taking place on 17th till 19th of October in Freising near Munich.

Detailed information about the workshop can be found at:

Important dates:
Deadline Submission of Abstracts: 1st of June 2016
Notification of Acceptation: 15th of June 2016
Deadline for Registration: 14th of October 2016

SoNDe is a project for the development and construction of a high-flux capable neutron detector funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 framework. The development focuses on the following specifications:

·       high-flux capability, capable of handling the peak-flux of up-to-date spallation sources (gain factor of 20 over current detectors)

·       high-resolution of 3 mm by single-pixel technique, below by interpolation

·       high detection efficiency of 80 % or more

·       no beam stop necessary, thus enabling investigations with direct beam intensity

·       strategic independence of 3He

·       time-of-flight (TOF) capability, necessary to exploit maximum flux, with a time resolution in the µs regime

·       modularity, improving maintenance characteristics of today’s neutron detectors

This project includes partners from France (Laboratoire Léon-Brillouin), Norway (IDEAS) and Sweden (ESS and Lund University) and Germany (Forschungszentrum Jülich).
This workshop will be dedicated to making the new SoNDe detector concept known within its various user communities. These range from basic research facilities to industry and security applications, where the detection of neutrons or Xrays is needed. During the workshop there will be both presentations by the developers as well as users and a hands-on session, where a working prototype can be examined in working conditions.
Further information on the SoNDe project can be found at:

For the organizing committee
Sebastian Jaksch
Sebastian Jaksch

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