[Neutron] REMINDER: RheoSAS 2016, Grenoble 19-21 September 2016

Yuri Gerelli gerelli at ill.fr
Tue May 17 16:09:08 CEST 2016

*DEADLINE for abstract submission is on the 21st of May.*

The */In-situ rheology for neutron and X-ray scattering techniques/* 
workshop is a *SoftComp* *topical workshop* and it is co-organized by 
ILL, FZ Juelich ICS-3 and ETH-Zurich.

*The workshop will be held in Grenoble, France during September 19-21, 

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers working in 
different areas covering topics from rheology of complex systems, 
structure of liquids at solid-liquid interfaces, structure and dynamics 
of confined fluids and polymers. Particular interest will be devoted to 
research on transient structural reorientation of complex fluids in 
conjunction with the transient rheological material functions. Examples 
are time resolved small- and large-amplitude oscillatory rheology (SAOS 
and LAOS, respectively), start-up of flow, flow reversal, stress 
relaxation following steady shear, jump strain.

*Sandra Lerouge - /Université Paris-Diderot, France/
Norman J. Wagner - /University of Delaware, USA/
Joao Cabral - Imperial College London, UK
Robert L. Leheny - Johns Hopkins University, USA
Carlos R. López-Barrón - ExxonMobil Chemical Company
Frédéric Pignon - Université Grenoble-Alpes, France
Jan Vermant - ETH-Zurich, Switzerland
Max Wolff - Uppsala Universitet, Sweden


More detailed information will be published on the website at 

Important dates*


  * *01/03/2016* Confirmation of Invited Speakers
  * *21/03/2016 *Open contributions Submission & Registration
  * *21/05/2016 *Deadline for contributions submission
  * *21/06/2016 *Communication of accepted contributions
  * *05/07/2016 *End of early bird registration
  * *01/09/2016 *End of registration

CONTACTS: RheoSAS2016 at ill.eu

The Organizing Committee://

/Yuri Gerelli/(ILL, Grenoble)/, Philipp Gutfreund/ (ILL, Grenoble), 
/Pavlik Lettinga/ (Forschungszentrum Juelich (ICS-3), Munich), /Lionel 
Porcar/ (ILL, Grenoble)

Dr. Yuri Gerelli
Partnership for Soft Condensed Matter
Institut Laue Langevin
Science Building, Room 206
71, avenue des Martyrs
F-38000 Grenoble
Phone: +33(0)47620 7068
e-mail:gerelli at ill.fr
Skype Contact : yuri.gerelli

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