[Neutron] "50 Years of Neutron Backscattering Spectroscopy" workshop taking place on 2&3 September 2016 at the research campus of Garching - REMINDER

Neutron-backscattering workshop at frm2.tum.de
Tue Jun 28 10:27:33 CEST 2016

Dear neutron backscattering users,

As you may know 2016 marks the 50th Anniversary of Neutron 
Backscattering Spectroscopy. To celebrate the achievements and to 
demonstrate the potential of this technique an international workshop is 
being held at the research Campus of Garching near Munich on 2nd and 3rd 

We are very pleased to welcome Anton Heidemann and Manfred Birr, the 
authors of the very first paper on neutron backscattering spectroscopy 
(along with Bert Alefeld), on the occasion of this event.

The main purpose of the present reminder is

• to point out that the *deadline for abstract submission *is 
approaching:* Friday 1 July 2016*
• to encourage you as previous backscattering user to submit abstracts 
for the poster session or for one the of open slots for talks on 
Saturday morning.
**• to note that multiple poster contributions are allowed
• to remind you that participation in this workshop is free of charge, 
but that you will have to register until 31 July.
• to stress that it is important to us to receive recent scientific 
contributions from users

Detailed information on the preliminary program is available 
on <https://webapps.frm2.tum.de/indico/event/30/timetable/#all.detailed>.
/Please forward this mail to collaborators who might be interested in 
the event./

The workshop is organised as a satellite to QENS 2016 taking place in 
Berlin in the following week 

Thank you and best regards,

Bernhard Frick (ILL) - Victoria Garcia-Sakai (ISIS)
Winfried Petry - Thomas Brückel (MLZ)

PS We apologize for multiple sending.

"50 Years of Neutron Backscattering Spectroscopy"

Workshop taking place in at the research campus in Garching near Munich/Germany
on 2 and 3 September 2016.



Dr. Bernhard Frick, ILL
Dr. Victoria Garcia-Sakai, ISIS
Prof. Dr. Thomas Brückel, MLZ
Prof. Dr. Winfried Petry, MLZ

For administrative matters please contact:
Elisabeth Jörg-Müller, MLZ
phone: +49(0)89 289 14966
<workshop at frm2.tum.de>

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