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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing and program committees, we would like to invite
you to attend the International Conference on Laser Energy Science / Laser
and Accelerator Neutron Sources and Applications
2017 (CLES/LANSA'17) which will be held from April 18th through 21st of 2017
at the Pacifico Yokohama, Japan.

LANSA is intended to open a new horizon of neutron science and application
by compact neutron sources driven by high power lasers along with
conventional ones based on accelerators. The first international meeting was
held in 2013 by setting laser-assisted neutron sources and applications as
key terms, in order to overview the status and future prospects of relevant
fields. In the late 2015, the national project of Japan has started aiming
at innovative improvement of compact neutron sources based on both laser and
accelerators for industrial applications. Upon these backgrounds, the 2nd
forum will be held in order to provide an opportunity for participants to
exchange mutual information and activate their own researches.

Topics of the conference include but not limited to
- Compact Neutron Sources (laser fusion, cluster explosion, laser-
   driven ion beams, photonuclear reactions, LINAC, cyclotron,
   electrostatic accelerators, nuclear reactors, RI, et al.)
- Physics / Control Technologies (particle acceleration, radiation
   generation, energy and angular distribution, moderators, control
   system, et al.)
- Neutron Diagnostics (high resolution measurements in space, time
   and energy, sensitive imaging, radiography, et al.)
- Applications (nuclear transmutations, nuclear waste processing,
   biomedical applications, fusion reactor material investigations,
   fusion-fission hybrid-reactors, et al.)
- Facilities (laser facility and technology, accelerator facility
   and technology, target technology, et al.)

- Paper submission deadline:        Dec. 12, 2016
- Registration start:               Dec. 15, 2016
- Early bird registration deadline: Mar. 21, 2017
- CLES/LANSA'17:                    Apr. 18-21, 2017

For more information of the conference, you may visit our Website:

We are looking forward to seeing you at Yokohama, Japan.

                                                   Yours sincerely.

                        Conference Chair   Prof. Hiroaki Nishimura
                        Program committee  Dr. Fujio Maekawa

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