[Neutron] 37th REIMEI workshop January 13 to 17th 2017 Information, especially for Graduate Students and Postdocs.

Ziman Timothy ziman at ill.fr
Thu Dec 8 15:45:26 CET 2016

Tokai/Tokyo Reimei Workshop on neutron and muon science for condensed 
matter (January 13 to 17th 2017):

I would like to solicit applications to the following training program 
and workshop in Tokai and Tokyo next month. We would particularly like 
to attract graduate students and postdocs interested in visiting the 
J-Parc facilities. The first day is devoted to a tour of J-Parc with a 
small group of graduate students from the US, Japan and China and it 
would be an opportunity for students in Europe to see the subject from a 
different international perspective. The other days will comprise a 
workshop on current areas in condensed matter and  spintronics where 
neutrons and muons are important.  For an updated list of speakers, the 
program and registration please see the link


At present we cannot provide financial support, but I would emphasise 
that there is no registration fee (other than an optional banquet) and 
that very reasonably priced accommodation should  be 
  available particularly for younger participants. I have applied for 
limited support for a few students from Europe (which will not be 
decided until the end of the year) so that if there are people who would 
otherwise be prevented from attending,  I would ask them to contact me.

Hoping to see you in Japan

Timothy Ziman
Institut Laue Langevin and CNRS, Grenoble
ziman at ill.fr

For the organizers:Sadamichi Maekawa (JAEA), Michiyasu Mori (JAEA), 
Shinsaku Kambe(JAEA), Timothy Ziman(ILL and CNRS), Wataru Higemoto 
(JAEA), Atsushi Fujimori (U. Tokyo), Masatoshi Imada(U. Tokyo), Michiko 
Hirano (JAEA), Yasutomo Uemura (Columbia University)

> <mailto:imada at ap.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp>
> “The 37th REIMEI Workshop on Frontiers of Correlated Quantum Matters 
> and Spintronics”
> to be held from January 13 (Friday) till January 17 (Tuesday), 2017 at 
> iVil (old Richotte), Tokai, Ibaraki and Takeda Hall (Univ. of Tokyo), 
> Hongo, Tokyo, Japan.
> In this event, we aim to explore frontiers of condensed matter physics 
> covering correlated electron systems and spintronics. Gathering 
> leading contributors in the fields from Japan, US, China, Taiwan, 
> Europe and Australia, the present five-day event will explore emergent 
> topics in correlated electron materials, unconventional 
> superconductors, magnetism, spin-orbit interaction and spintronics, 
> and seek collaboration and interaction among scientists working in 
> different methods and disciplines.
> The registration deadline is December 20, 2016
> More details can be found in the following website.
> http://asrc.jaea.go.jp/soshiki/gr/Nanoscale-gr/whatsnew_e.html
> We are looking forward to seeing you and having fruitful discussions 
> with you at the workshop.
> Thank you,
> Michiko Hirano
> Research Promotion Office

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