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Alison Mader mader at ill.fr
Thu Jul 13 08:44:07 CEST 2017

Please, find here the announcement for a post-doc position to be located 
at the Institut Laue-Langevin:


*Information about the project:
*The project is focused on strengthening the Swedish competence within 
neutron scattering. We are looking for postdoc to be stationed at the 
Super ADAM instrument at ILL, Grenoble, which is the only fully Swedish 
owned and operated neutron instrument. Super ADAM is a high resolution 
polarized neutron reflectometer suited for both magnetic, hard condensed 
matter and soft matter, life science investigations. The postdoc is 
expected to conduct their own research within the field of soft matter 
and life sciences and to assist Swedish Super ADAM users, mainly in the 
soft matter/life science field to conduct their experiments ad the Super 
ADAM instrument. Collaboration and support from researchers at Lund and 
Uppsala University will be offered. We envisage that the postdoc has 
experience with neutron scattering techniques within polymer, 
surfactant, lipid self-assembly, proteins, biomembrane or other fields 
of interest for the Swedish user community. The detail research field is 
dependent on the experience and interest of the candidate, but ideally 
it showed be somehow associated with the particular advantages 
of SuperADAM, including using magnetic reference layers for soft 
matter/life science systems and the use of off-specular/grazing 
incidence neutron scattering.

  The recruited person will have the opportunity to collaborate with 
scientists from the Large Scale Structures group and profit from the 
equipment present in the ILL soft matter labs within the Partnership for 
Soft Matter initiative which includes several tools for sample 
preparation and characterization as Langmuir troughs, ellipsometers, 
QCM-D, light scattering, XRR. For more information see: 

*Applicants must hold a PhD in Biophysics, Physics, Chemistry, Materials 
Science or a similar area of science. Excellent experimental skills are 
indispensable as well as very good communication to support users and 
collaborators. A strong background in neutron scattering methods and in 
particular their application to challenges in soft matter and life 
science is an advantage. Good computer skills and a solid background in 
condensed matter physics and mathematics are further merits. Excellent 
knowledge of English, writing and speaking, is required.  The knowledge 
of a Nordic and/or the French language may complete the profile. 
Eagerness to learn Swedish is assumed for non-Swedish speaking candidate.

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