[Neutron] Research Associate position at NCSR Demokritos, Greece

Dina Mergia kmergia at ipta.demokritos.gr
Sat Sep 16 21:02:42 CEST 2017

Research Associate position in “Fusion Materials”

at NCSR “Demokritos”, Athens, Greece

NCSR “Demokritos” (www.demokritos.gr<https://mail.ipta.demokritos.gr/owa/UrlBlockedError.aspx>) the largest research centre in Greece invites application on the Research Associate position “Fusion Materials” for the research project “Fusion Technology – EUROfusion” (https://www.euro-fusion.org/ ). The successful candidate will participate in a research group consisting from Researcher for the largest European Research Centres and Universities who with a pioneering research in the Physics and Technology of Materials aim to make reality the production of Energy with Fusion. The specific task of the Postdoc will be to examine the effects of ion and neutron irradiation on the properties of structural Fusion materials using a wide range of experimental technique and to validate different theoretical models with specially design experimental campaigns. The successful candidate will be based at NCSR “Demokritos”, Athens, Greece and he/she is expected to travel to different European Research Centres for experimental work.
Candidates with an MSc or PhD degree in experimental Material Science are invited to apply.
Application Procedure
Further information may be supplied by Dr K. Mergia +30-210-6503706, kmergia at ipta.demokritos.gr<mailto:kmergia at ipta.demokritos.gr>. Applications may be submitted to dd.protokol at admin.demokritos.gr<mailto:dd.protokol at admin.demokritos.gr> up to 23:59 Sunday 24th September.

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