Tatiana Nagorna Tatiana Nagorna

Tetiana Nagorna

Junior researcher at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia and PhD student at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine.

(Information collected in December 2018)

Your studies and scientific field:

My current research is about process of fullerene clusterization in N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone/toluene mixtures. Fullerenes have been extensively used for several biomedical applications including tumor research, inhibition of cancer cells, allergic response, antioxidant activity etc. NMP is a good solvent for fullerenes and is miscible with water, it can be used for fullerene transfer into aqueous media. The aim of research is to clarify the process of clusterization and formation of donor-acceptor complexes between fullerene and NMP molecules.

Neutron-scattering background:

I started working in the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics at JINR about 5 years ago to write my master's thesis, and now I continue as a PhD student.

Step by step to my position:

2009 – 2015: Master of Science – Molecular Physics at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
2014 – 2015: Engineer at Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, JINR.
2015 – till now: PhD student at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
Junior researcher at Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, JINR.


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Any difficulties because of your gender:

I often notice that colleagues do not take me seriously. It seems they firstly notice only attractive appearance, but after conversation the situation usually changes.

Percentage of your time for your family/work/you:

Previously, my time was planned by the hour: part of the time was devoted to learning, part to family and friends. Now I cannot say how much time I spend at work, because even while resting, I think about it. Work seems to become a lifestyle when you are completely immersed in ideas about interpretations.

Who or what is your mentor/greatest inspiration?

My mentor and greatest inspiration is my supervisor Dorota Chudoba. She is the example of successful and purposeful woman, the only one who managed to occupy a leadership position in our laboratory. Her talent is organizing people and creating a friendly environment around. She always provides me a support and encourages to carry on with my research. Thanks to her, I attended many conferences and made dozens of reports. Under Dr. Chudoba’s guidance, I did my master’s thesis and going to defend PhD thesis.

What do you want to achieve in your future career?

I would like to join to neutron studying of condensed matter, and I'd like to work in leading neutron center to have more possibilities for better research realization.

Contact details:

Tetiana Nagorna
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
141980 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia
Tel: (7-496-21) 65-504
email: nagorna@jinr.ru

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