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  • ESS Groundbreaking Event
    02.09.2014ESS, SwedenESS Groundbreaking Event

    Danish and Swedish ministers will start the construction of ESS today.

  • Budapest Neutron Centre - call for proposals
    28.08.2014BNC, HungaryBudapest Neutron Centre - call for proposals

    The proposal submission deadline for neutron scattering experiments at the Budapest Neutron Centre (BNC) is October 15, 2014. NMI3 support is available.

  • New patch to Mantid
    22.08.2014mantidNew patch to Mantid

    A new patch release to Mantid that corrects some significant issues since the last full release has been released.

  • 04.08.2014From: CROSS-Tokai, JapanThe 2nd MLF School (MLF School 2014) – First announcement
    The 2nd MLF School (MLF School 2014) – First announcement

    The MLF School 2014 will be held during 16-19 December 2014 at J-PARC in Tokai, Japan.

  • 01.08.2014From: NeutronSourcesThe Backscattering Story
    The Backscattering Story

    Anton Heidemann presents a personal view of the history of Backscattering, starting from the day he obtained his diploma on Physics in 1966.

  • 01.08.2014From: MLZ, GermanyRefocusing research into high-temperature superconductors
    Refocusing research into high-temperature superconductors

    Neutron scattering experiment at PUMA resolves a contentious superconducting issue.

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