NOBUGS Registration reminder

Julie Wulf jmwulf at
Thu Nov 20 09:59:48 CST 1997

    International Workshop on
New Opportunities for Better User Group Software
      December 10-12, 1997
   Argonne National Laboratory
       Argonne, IL USA

Many thanks to all those who have submitted abstracts to the NOBUGS'97
workshop to be held next month at Argonne.  If you want to browse through
the submissions, they have been posted on the web at
<>.  We will post the
program by December 1.

This is a reminder to all those who have submitted abstracts that they
should register as soon as possible!  In particular, we need to know how
many people need accommodation at the Argonne Guest House by Friday,
November 21, at the latest, in order to guarantee the special conference
rate.  Registration is simply a matter of filling in the web form at
<> (or
the workshop secretary, Julie Wulf <jmwulf at>, if your web
browser cannot handle forms).

Athough we have enough submitted abstracts to ensure a full and
workshop, we will consider late submissions to the poster sessions. 
submit them as soon as possible to ensure inclusion in the printed
conference program.  We will also accept late registrations up to the
of the workshop itself, but would request as much notice as you are able
give.  Please note that non-US citizens should register at least a week
before the conference to obtain Argonne site access.

Workshop secretary:  Julie Wulf (jmwulf at

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