2nd circular

Daniel Clemens Daniel.Clemens at psi.ch
Fri Oct 8 18:32:48 CDT 1999

2nd circular

In the name of the organizing committee we would like to introduce you
to the workshop of Neutron Optics for the next Millennium, NOP99, held
jointly with the Research Center Jülich at the Paul Scherrer Institute
(PSI) in Switzerland, Novermber 25-27, 1999.

The program of the workshop will consist of invited talks, and a session
of contributed posters. The oral presentations are:

Double Crystal Neutron Optics and SNS, Michael Agamalian;
Neutron Optics at the ILL, Ian Anderson;
Remanent Polarizing Mirrors, Daniel Clemens;
Polarized Beam Reflectometry, Claude Fermon;
Resonance Spin Echo, Roland Gähler;
Time and Monochromatic Focusing for TOF spectroscopy, Stefan Janßen;
Neutron Lenses, Mike Johnson;
Monte Carlo Simulations for Instrumentation, Kristian Nielsen;
Deformed monochromator crystals, Andreas Magerl (unconfirmed);
Beam extraction and low loss guides, Ferenc Mezei;
Perfect Crystal Optics, Pavel Mikula;
Focusing Neutron Optics for Triple-Axis Spectroscopy, Kim Lefmann;
Wide Angle Spin Echo, Cathérine Pappas;
Neutron Guide System at FRMII, Erich Steichele

Please visit our website http://www.fz-juelich.de/NOP99 for information,
registration and abstract submission forms.
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