FW: Using Neutrons to Probe Structure and Dynamics in Biological Systems Workshop Announcement

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Wed Mar 6 10:23:37 CST 2002

The Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences is organizing a workshop entitled
"Using Neutrons to Probe Structure and Dynamics in Biological Systems," to
be held from April 8-10 at the Pollard Auditorium, Oak Ridge, TN.

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the biological community to new
capabilities for the study of biological molecules that are planned at the
High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) and the Spallation neutron Source (SNS) at
Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Eminent structural biologists will assess
the strengths of neutron scattering for biological system, such as the role
of hydrogen/deuterium contrast, penetration depth, and accessible length and
timescales.  These talks will also assess important issues in the biological
sciences where next-generation neutron scattering capabilities can provide
key answers.  Examples may include the structure of protein complexes under
functional conditions in solution; the dynamics of protein conformational
transformations; the role of water and other small molecules in molecular
recognition or catalysis; the structure and dynamics of protein-lipid
complexes embedded in functioning membranes.

Tutorial-style presentation will introduce the fundamentals of elastic
neutron scattering, for the study of structure, and quasi   and inelastic
neutron scattering, for the study of dynamics.  The complementarity of
neutrons to other scattering techniques (light, X-rays), NMR and electron
microscopy will be discussed, as will the interplay between computer
simulations and experiment.  These tutorial lectures are designed to
introduce biologists to neutron scattering techniques and their applications
to biological experiments.  Additional presentations and posters will cover
forefront scientific results obtained using neutron scattering on biological

Capabilities of the new neutron scattering instruments that are currently
being constructed at the HFIR, as part of the Center for Structural
Molecular Biology (CSMB), and at the SNS, will be presented.  These include
instruments for small-angle neutron scattering, reflectometry,
high-resolution backscattering and neutron spin-echo spectroscopy.  The
workshop will provide an opportunity for both prospective and experienced
users of neutron beams from the biological sciences to advise SNS and HFIR
scientific leaders on the community's educational needs and needs for
on-site facilities such as sample preparation labs, ancillary
characterization techniques, and assistance from instrument scientists. 

In addition, a users meeting for the small angle neutron scattering
instrument currently being constructed at the HFIR as part of the CSMB will
be held to discuss initial plans for this instrument, which should be
operational in late 2003.

Selected speakers include:
Structure: D. Ringe
Dynamics: J. Zaccai
Small angle neutron scattering: S. Krueger and J. Krueger
Crystallography: D. Myles and A. Snijder
Diffraction: J. Katsaras and S. White
Reflectometry: D. Vaknin and G. Smith
Inelastic scattering: D. Neumann and Z. Bu*

* Invited

Ann Jordan
Experimental Facilities Division
Spallation Neutron Source
701 Scarboro Road
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Phone:  865/241-5176
Fax:  865/241-5177
Email:  jordanlg at sns.gov

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