[Neutron] Announcement: Magnetic Rietveld Workshop 2002, The Cosener's hou se, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK

Radaelli, PG (Paolo) P.G.Radaelli at rl.ac.uk
Wed Oct 23 11:34:39 CDT 2002

Magnetic Rietveld Workshop 2002 
12th-14th December 2002 

Sponsored by:

The BCA Physical Crystallography Group 
The IoP Structural Condensed Matter Physics Group
The CCLRC - Physics and Chemistry of Materials Science Network

For complete information, please refer to the following page  

Places are strictly limited!!!  Please register soon with
p.g.radaelli at rl.ac.uk. To avoid disappointments

Workshop Title: Magnetic Structure Determination from Neutron Powder
Diffraction Data 

Dates/Times: Thursday, 12 December 2002, 2 PM to Saturday, 14 December 2002,
12 noon. 

Venue: The Cosener's House, Abingdon, Oxfordshire 

Registration fee: £40, including accommodation and on-site lunch/dinner. 
For additional information and registration, please contact
p.g.radaelli at rl.ac.uk. 

Speakers/Tutors: Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal (LLB), Andrew Wills (UCL-Chemistry)
and P.G. Radaelli (ISIS-CCLRC) 

Workshop description: This highly interactive workshop is aimed at providing
the essential theoretical foundations and some working experience on solving
and refining magnetic structures from neutron powder diffration data. The
essential formalism of propagation vectors, Shubnikov groups and
Representation analysis will be covered in a series of lectures, and applied
in tutorials sessions, with the help of computer programmes such as Sarah.
Neutron instrumentation for magnetic powder diffraction studies will be
presented, and refinement techniques using popular packages such as GSAS and
FULLPROF will be discussed. The participants will have the opportunity to
apply these methods on example data sets, and are highly encouraged to bring
their own data, which will be analysed with the help of the tutors. 

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