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Hernandez, Yamali yamali.hernondez at nist.gov
Wed Apr 28 19:45:42 CEST 2010

We are pleased to announce dates for the NCNR Spectroscopy Tutorial.

The High Resolution Spectroscopy Tutorial will include a discussion of neutron scattering fundamentals, a comparison of instrument capabilities, and talks that describe the types of experiments that can be performed using two of the neutron scattering instruments at the NIST Center for Neutron Research: the Disk Chopper Spectrometer, and the High Flux Backscattering Spectrometer. These instruments are used to probe rotations, relaxations, diffusional dynamics, and vibrations in materials on timescales from microseconds to picoseconds. We shall also review methods to reduce, analyze, and visualize data obtained using these instruments.

The date of the tutorial is June 3, 2010 from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

We will need to know by email (Yamali at nist.gov<mailto:Yamali at nist.gov>) that you would like to attend. The deadline to notify your attendance is May 17, 2010.

Since attendance will be limited, we encourage you to apply early. Once we have the list of attendees we will send a follow-up email with a list of those that have been accepted and information such as how to access the facility, what you will need to read before coming to the tutorial, and the tutorial schedule.

There is no registration fee, and no financial assistance will be provided.

Please feel free to tell your colleagues about this opportunity, indeed anyone who might benefit from attending the class.

The tutorial is sponsored in part by the National Science Foundation.

Yamali Hernandez
yamali at nist.gov<mailto:yamali at nist.gov>

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