[Neutron] Call for proposals on French neutron scattering instruments : Web portal open till March 29th at 23:59

MENELLE Alain alain.menelle at cea.fr
Thu Mar 9 18:04:51 CET 2017

Dear colleague,

As announced last month, our new Web portal for beam time request on the French neutron scattering instruments of 2FDN is now open :

You may immediately start to submit your experiment proposals to the LLB instruments at Orphée or the 4 French CRG at ILL (D1B, D23, IN12, IN22). The portal will stay open till March 29th at 23:59 French time. Beam time will be allocated for experiments to be performed in the second half of 2017.

In order to proceed, you have to create your account on our web portal. Once done, you have the possibility to prepare your proposals, store and edit them, duplicate them if requesting more than one instrument for the same proposal, and finally submit them. Do not forget to submit before the deadline of March 29th; in your dashboard, once submitted, your proposal will change from the status of “Saved” to the status of “Submitted”.

This application is completely new and has been realized in a very short time. We tried to create a self-explained, easy to use interface. However, it did not yet go through a real user utilization. There will be certainly some difficulties. For this reason, if you expect to submit a proposal on our instruments, we suggest you to login on this page quite rapidly in order to have time to understand how it works. Your experiment proposal will be made of 2 parts; in the first part, you will have to fill-up some forms to give administrative information’s; the second part is a pdf file that contain the scientific description of your proposition; it should have a length of the order of one page. Everything is in English, but you may still submit the scientific part in French. To stay in the flavour of our old beam time request form, you may use this template file<http://www-llb.cea.fr/fr-en/llb-pro-2017-Template.docx> to write this part.

Some remarks:

·         We have not yet been able to enter all local contacts in our application. If you want to have a particular one, please urge him to create his account in the portal.

·         When you create a new proposal, at the end of the form, you may add 2 pdf files; the first one is the scientific description; the second one is not mandatory, but if you want, you may use it to upload some publications or reports of previous results.

·         English might be not always very self-explanatory; sorry for that, we will improve it in the next version.

·         This software being launched in real production today, we will certainly have to do some live updates to correct some bugs before March 29th; this could create some service interruptions of some minutes.


Alain Menelle
2FDN, Laboratoire Léon Brillouin
CEA Saclay

De : federation.neutron [mailto:federation.neutron at neel.cnrs.fr]
Envoyé : mercredi 8 février 2017 22:32
Objet : Call for proposals on French neutron scattering instruments : deadline March 29th at 23:59 French time

Dear colleague,

The new “Fédération Française de Diffusion Neutronique” (2FDN) has been created since January 1st 2017.
For the first time, the call for experiments is made by the 2FDN for all the beam time on LLB instruments and the four French CRGs at the ILL.

The next deadline for beam time request on French neutron scattering instruments will be March 29th at 23:59 French time. Beam time will be allocated for experiments to be performed end of this year (September /December). As said above, within this call, you may ask beam time on the LLB instruments installed at the Orphée reactor in Saclay, and also on the 4 French CRG at the ILL (D1B, D23, IN12 and IN22). You will find all the necessary information’s on this call on the following Web page : http://www-llb.cea.fr/en/

Last news :
•         For this call, we will use Phoenix, our new web based application for beam time request. The portal will be open by end of February.
•         Our subcommittees will meet quite soon after the application deadline. For this reason, we will not be able to accept any post-deadline applications. As soon as our portal will be open, we will encourage you to submit your proposals in advance.
•         If we still accept proposal in French, but we encourage users to submit in English.

Virginie Simonet (Tel +33 (0) 4 76 88 90 50)
Eric Eliot (Tel +33 (0) 1 69 08 99 90)
Directeur adjoint
Fédération Française de Diffusion Neutronique

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