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>You are invited to apply for beam time at the Los Alamos Neutron Science 
>The deadline is 0900 Mountain Time, August 25, 2003.
>Approved proposals will be allocated time in the period from approximately 
>December 2003 through March 2004.
>Please see our Web pages ( http://lansce.lanl.gov/ ) for details.
>Instruments/flight paths available in the current call for proposals are:
<http://lansce.lanl.gov/lujan/index_lujan.htm>Lujan Center --
>Asterix (polarized neutron beam)
Filter Difference Spectrometer (FDS)
High-Pressure Preferred Orientation Diffractometer (HIPPO)
Low-Q Diffractometer (LQD)
Neutron Powder Diffractometer (NPDF)
Protein Crystallography Station (PCS)
High-Resolution Chopper Spectrometer (Pharos)
Spectrometer for Materials Research at Temperature and Stress (SMARTS)
Surface Profile Analysis Reflectometer (SPEAR)

<http://wnr.lanl.gov/>Weapons Neutron Research facility --
Target 1:  1FP5, 1FP14
Blue Room
Target 4:  4FP90L, 4FP30L, 4FP15L, 4FP15R, 4FP30R, 4FP60R

Proposals will be accepted for the following instruments, although 
available beam time and user support will be very limited:

High-Intensity Powder Diffractometer (HIPD)
Single Crystal Diffractometer (SCD)
Transmission Spectroscopy (Flight Path 5)

>Please submit your proposals using our Web page proposal form; no other 
>forms are accepted.  (Classified proposals must be submitted in hard copy.)

>Applicants must list publications resulting from use of previously 
>allocated instrument time.
>Travel support is available for students to observe or participate in an 
>experiment via the 
><http://lansce.lanl.gov/users/financialassistance.htm>STONE Program. See 
>the web site for details.
>DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS IS 0900, August 25, 2003.

Sandra Chance
LANSCE User Office
Los Alamos Neutron Science Center
Los Alamos, NM 87545
e-mail  sandyc at lanl.gov
505-665-1010 (p) 505-667-8830 (f)

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