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South African Nuclear Energy Corporation SOC Limited (Necsa)


The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation SOC Limited (Necsa) is mandated to:

  • Undertake and promote research and development (R&D) in the field of nuclear energy and radiation sciences and technology and, subject to the Safeguards Agreement, to make these generally available;
  • Process source material, special nuclear material and restricted material and to reprocess and enrich source material and nuclear material; and
  • Co-operate with any person or institution in matters falling within these functions, subject to the approval of the Minister.

To pursue nuclear technology excellence for sustainable social and economic development.

To develop, utilise and manage nuclear technology for national and regional socio-economic development through:

  • Applied R&D;
  • Commercial application of nuclear and associated technology;
  • Fulfilling the State’s nuclear obligations;
  • Contributing to the development of skills in science and technology;
  • Total commitment to health, safety and care for the environment;
  • Developing and empowering our human resource base; and
  • Satisfying stakeholder expectations.

Necsa is a state-owned company responsible for undertaking and promoting R&D in the field of nuclear energy and radiation sciences. It is also responsible for processing source material, including uranium enrichment, and co-operating with other institutions, locally and abroad, on nuclear and related matters.
Apart from its main activities at Pelindaba, which include operation and utilisation of the SAFARI-1 research reactor, Necsa also manages and operates the Vaalputs National Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility in the Northern Cape on behalf of the National Radioactive Waste Disposal Institute (NRWDI).
Necsa engages in commercial business mainly through its wholly-owned commercial subsidiaries NTP Radioisotopes SOC Ltd (NTP), which is responsible for a range of radiation-based products and services for healthcare, life sciences and industry, and Pelchem SOC Ltd (Pelchem), which supplies fluorine and fluorine-based products. Both subsidiaries, together with their subsidiaries, supply local and foreign markets, earning valuable foreign exchange for South Africa.
In addition to the above, the Company promotes the public understanding of nuclear science and technology and facilitates regular communication with the public and its stakeholders.

  • Location: South Africa

(Retrieved from Necsa website)

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